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Your people are your biggest competitive advantage. Empuls, powered by AWS and AI, has all the tools you need to meaningfully celebrate your people's work and craft your unique culture.

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Fix disengagement for good with continuous engagement enabled by AI

Foster a culture of appreciation

Go beyond traditional recognition with Empuls. Celebrate every win with AI-assisted timely, inclusive and impactful recognition and see a measurable boost in employee engagement and retention.

Prioritise employee well-being

Engage all demographics of your workforce, from Gen X to Gen Z, with comprehensive perks and benefits that help them prioritise well-being and touch their lives beyond work.

Create opportunities for feedback

Measure engagement with surveys. Em summarizes employee feedback to give you an overview of your people’s sentiment. Act fast using employee feedback, detailed people analytics, and recommendations to fix issues before they affect your culture.

Align everyone with your culture

Build trust with consistent and transparent communication and maintain a respectful digital workplace with Em. Showcase your unique company culture with a social intranet designed for distributed teams.

Recognition & Rewards

Foster a culture of appreciation

Empower employees to recognise great work, give visibility to every accomplishment, and motivate them with meaningful rewards. Make recognition a frictionless, fun, and social experience.

Perks & Benefits

Prioritise employee well-being

Engage all demographics of your workforce, from Gen X to Gen Z, with comprehensive perks and benefits that help them prioritise well-being and touch their lives beyond work.

Surveys & Feedback

Create opportunities for feedback

Measure employee engagement and take action to fix the root cause of disengagement. Elevate the employee experience using employee feedback and detailed people analytics.

Connection & Community

Align everyone with your culture

Build trust with consistent and transparent communication. Showcase your unique company culture with a social intranet designed for distributed teams.

Meet Em

Em is our AI-powered engagement bot

Lean on Em to close engagement gaps so you are free to focus on your people strategy. Em interacts with your employees, people managers, and HR teams, using smart nudges and prompts to drive participation and involvement. Say goodbye to redundant tasks and hello to automation.   

Address the needs of everyone in the workplace

Human Resources

Helps drive multi-dimensional employee engagement and enhance the employee experience from a single platform.

Business Leaders

Eliminates the need to invest in multiple solutions, gives visibility into people initiatives, is cost-effective, and delivers a higher ROI.

People Leaders

Helps connect, motivate, and seek feedback from teams while leveraging data to work upon areas of improvement.


Helps to align with the company's culture, mission, and vision, and strengthen workplace connections through appreciation.

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Engagement Calendar 2024

Find creative ways to engage employees all year round and get more out of Empuls using our engagement calendars.

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Max Life Insurance
Max Life Insurance
“Truly elevated our employee recognition program”
The success of our first Star of the Quarter cycle on Empuls was made possible by your team's proactive contributions to system readiness. Your support has truly elevated our employee recognition program. Thank you for making Empuls an invaluable asset for us.
Sumana Ananth
People Analytics Manager
Angel One
Angel One
“Exceptionally smooth launch process”
Empuls is now live as Angelverse. The launch has been an exceptionally smooth process. We're delighted to have discovered Empuls. Anticipating a continued journey of success, we extend our gratitude for making Angelverse a reality!
Ashveen Kaur
People Analytics Manager
Junglee Games
Junglee Games
“Game-changer in fostering a positive work culture”
Empuls has not only provided an excellent platform for employee rewards but has also proven to be a game-changer in fostering a positive work culture. The product's innovative features have significantly contributed to enhancing our employee engagement and recognition initiatives.
Saloni Rakyan
Employee Experience Executive
Thryve Digital
Thryve Digital
“Truly a value add to employee reward initiatives”
Reflecting on our journey with Empuls, the support and guidance from the Empuls, starting at ground zero, has been invaluable. Having the Empuls team at every step of this journey made all the difference. Empuls has been truly a value add to Thryve’s employee reward initiatives!
Leena Pujari
Associate Director - People
“Wonderful tool to appreciate and strengthen team bonds”
The Empuls portal has proven to be a wonderful tool to appreciate and strengthen team bonds across our organization, particularly in the hybrid work model. The ease of peer-to-peer and manager appreciation has made recognition remarkably convenient. Empuls has become an integral part of our R&R program.
Bindhu John
Chief Happiness Officer & Founder's Office
“An engaging experience”
At Techwave, Empuls proved to be more than just a platform; it’s an engaging experience. The transition from a manual process to an automated program with Empuls was a lot smoother than most well-known service companies. Overall, it’s a 5-star rating from Techwave!
Angela Paulmony
Human Resources
ITC Infotech
ITC Infotech
“Empuls gives you more than just an HR tech tool”
We launched our “I Rewards” platform via Empuls - a critical project for ITC Infotech. The insights and guidance from the team ensured the set up of a meaningful reward and recognition tool that resonates with our workforce. Overall, Empuls gives you more than just an HR tech tool – their team is a proactive part of the entire initiative.
Neeraj CM
Business HR - ADM
“Kudos to the team’s remarkable adaptability”
The platform's capabilities were exactly what we needed to boost our employee rewards and engagement. Plus, it could be customized based on our requests which was a great relief! Kudos to the team’s remarkable adaptability, swift response times, and meticulous attention to our queries.
Akhila Kumar
Senior Executive Human Resources
“So easy to launch surveys and get feedback from our employees”
Rishab's unwavering support, responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile has made working with Empuls a pleasure. Launching Empuls has made it so easy to launch surveys and get feedback from our employees. I would definitely recommend it.
Arya Pillai
Business HR
Task Us
Task Us
“Empuls UI and interface are amazing and user-friendly”
The Empuls UI and interface are amazing and user-friendly, and the team has been incredibly helpful in seamlessly launching and customizing the entire process for TaskUs. From research to reports, it's all Empuls.
Apurv Khatri
People First Advocate
“Empuls has a solid foundation with all the features”
I appreciated the availability of helpful contacts, guides, and real-time support from the Empuls team. Overall, Empuls has a solid foundation with all the features and resources you’ll need to kick-start employee engagement at your company.
Danamaisie Carmona
Operations Manager
“Guidance at every step of the process was invaluable”
We integrated Empuls to digitize our reward and recognition program. The team’s guidance at every step of the process was invaluable and ensured a seamless and productive transition for us at ACKO. The transition to Empuls is recent, but we’ve already gotten great feedback, and our expectation is high!
Anish Choudhary
Manager - Culture & Communication
“Empuls to create a good user experience for our caregivers”
We enjoyed collaborating and identifying the best possible solutions using Empuls to create a good user experience for our caregivers. I look forward to our partnership as we work towards going live with other features that enhance the user experience.
Aparna Madireddi
Employee Experience Leader
Gulf Taleed
Gulf Taleed
“Noticeable positive impact on morale, motivation and culture”
The important thing for us was to listen to our employees, to strengthen the relationship, create a culture of recognition, and optimize the employee engagement space to retain our top local talents. With Empuls, there’s a noticeable positive impact on morale, motivation, engagement, and culture.
Georges Chalouhi
Executive Manager

Works with your everyday work tools

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS/HRMS/HCM, and single sign-on tools.
Microsoft Teams
Allow employees to recognize, reward, share feedback, and engage within Teams.
Add to Teams
Integrate with Empuls to deliver recognition, rewards, and surveys in the flow of work from within Slack.
Add to Slack
Keep employee data fresh and automate milestone celebrations with this integration. 
Learn More
SAP SuccessFactors
Automate employee inclusion in engagement initiatives and never miss any milestone celebrations.
Learn More
Google Workspace SSO
Involve every employee in your engagement initiatives with secure, single sign-on access to Empuls. 
Learn More
Azure AD
Provide employees secure access to Empuls with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.
Learn More
Seamlessly sync employee data from BambooHR to engage every employee every day on Empuls.
Learn More
Keep employee data up-to-date in Empuls to involve your entire workforce in engagement programs.
Learn More
This integration ensures that employee data in Empuls is up-to-date for continuous engagement.
Learn More

Industry-leading Engagement & Recognition Platform

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What are the core elements of a holistic employee engagement strategy?

A holistic employee engagement strategy is an intersection of these six dimensions:

  1. Communication - Encourage employee connection, communication, and collaboration
  2. Empowerment - Empower people to seek and share feedback and solve problems creatively
  3. Motivation - Deliver intrinsic and extrinsic motivation through appreciation and rewards
  4. Wellbeing - Promote physical, mental, and financial wellbeing
  5. Alignment - Align everyone with a company's mission, values, goals, and culture
  6. Mastery - Foster a culture of continuous learning and growth
What makes Empuls an all-in-one employee engagement platform?

Empuls is built on four pillars of employee engagement, namely communication, alignment, empowerment, and motivation. Empuls' features - social intranet, engagement and lifecycle surveys, values and goals-based recognition, and delightful rewards enable a multi-dimensional approach to fixing disengagement. Empuls eliminates the hassles of investing in and managing multiple solutions to drive people initiatives that drastically cut down complexity and costs, and improve ROI.

What's unique about the way Empuls works?

Empuls is designed after the Deming cycle, an iterative approach that enables continuous improvement, and involves 4-steps:

  • Plan: Identify the organization's key objectives and values and align engagement goals with those objectives.
  • Do: Implement employee engagement programs that incentivize desired behaviors through positive reinforcement and motivation.
  • Check: Gather feedback from employees about what's working and what's not and identify areas of improvement.
  • Act: Course correct the engagement plan through data-driven actions to achieve better results for employees and the organization.
What is eNPS? How do companies improve eNPS with Empuls?

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a system to measure employee satisfaction and loyalty. It's a descendant of the customer Net Promoter Score or NPS introduced by Frederick Reichheld in 2003 to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Empuls' engagement survey provides the eNPS of your organization, which shows a cumulative score, a breakdown of promoters, passives, and detractors, and their distribution and trends across time periods and departments.

Taking it a step further, it evaluates performance across four engagement dimensions and fifteen sub-dimensions to show the biggest drivers for employee satisfaction/engagement along with actionable recommendations for areas of improvement.

How are Empuls rewards different?

For starters, Empuls rewards are curated with the sole purpose of delighting employees. By offering a wide array of choices across 20+ reward categories and more than 21,000 reward options in 75+ countries, you can drive real engagement and create memorable rewards experiences for your employees.

How does Empuls elicit participation and engagement?

Em, our AI bot, nudges employees to take proactive actions, such as welcoming new employees, sending birthday wishes, congratulating peers who receive awards, redeeming reward points, utilizing the reward budget to appreciate others, completing surveys on time, and more. Apart from this, Empuls lets you assign engagement scores for every employee action taken on the platform and create healthy competition by displaying each employee's cumulative score and rankings on a leaderboard.

How do I get started with Empuls?

There are two ways to get started with Empuls:

  • Sign up for a demo and get all your questions answered while our engagement experts take you through our platform. Get on board with one of our pricing plans and let our experts take you through the hassle-free setup.
  • You can start by directly signing up for our free trial and exploring the platform with your team. Use Empuls for 30 days and upgrade to one of our pricing plans. (Yes, we are quite confident that after 30 days of using Empuls you would want to get on board!).

Is my data safe on Empuls?

Empuls adheres to the highest standards of data security. Empuls is ISO 27001:2013 certified, adheres to SOC 2 compliance requirements, and is GDPR CPRA compliant.

For more information, please visit: