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Enhance employee engagement at every stage of growth

Empuls caters to your company’s unique needs and growth journey. From agile startups to established enterprises, Empuls can scale with your needs, fostering a culture of collaboration and success that drives your organization forward.

Enterprise companies

Great companies have greater responsibilities. Navigating a diverse workforce of full-time employees, contractors, and hybrid workers while ensuring peak performance levels and employee engagement can be challenging.

Challenges in the Enterprise companies

Absence of employee support

Ensuring end-to-end employee support, from onboarding to continuous career growth, may get overlooked in larger teams, leading to engagement gaps and reduced satisfaction.

Security & compliance hurdles

Balancing robust security measures with employee privacy and compliance requirements impacts the adoption of digital solutions for employee engagement.

Multiple HR tools

Multiple HR tools can cause tech complexity and higher costs due to data silos, making it difficult to identify and improve gaps in current employee engagement strategies.

Enhance Enterprise Employee Engagement with Empuls 

Empuls is a holistic employee engagement solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by enterprises. Unify your diverse workforce and centralize communication with Empuls or plug it into your existing intranet platform. Gather consistent feedback through eNPS and Pulse surveys. Foster a culture of appreciation and excellence with in-the-moment recognition and instant gratification via meaningful rewards. With stringent global security and compliance standards, Empuls ensures a seamless digital experience. Flexible employee benefits and perks show you care for their well-being, ultimately reducing employee turnover rates.

“Empuls gives you more than just an HR tech tool”

We launched our “I Rewards” platform via Empuls - a critical project for ITC Infotech. The insights and guidance from the team ensured the set up of a meaningful reward and recognition tool that resonates with our workforce. Overall, Empuls gives you more than just an HR tech tool – their team is a proactive part of the entire initiative.

Neeraj CM
Business HR - ADM
ITC Infotech
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Power your employee engagement strategy with Empuls’ custom capabilities for enterprises

Global Flexibility

Configure the platform in the language and currency of your choice, with the flexibility of multi-region deployments using our global cloud infrastructure.


The platform adheres to all global standards including WCAG, SOC II, ISO 27001, CCPA, HIPPA and GDPR.


The platform SDK & APIs allow you to embed the solution within any existing product.

White-labeling & Customization

Build custom features tailored to your specific needs and requirements, in addition to a white-labeled front-end.

Dedicated Account Manager

From onboarding to implementation, get guidance from a dedicated account manager who understands your organization's needs and goals.

24/7 End User Support

Get round-the-clock assistance for end users to ensure seamless operation and resolve any issues promptly.

Small and mid-size companies

In growing companies, versatile employees wear many hats, from client acquisition to product development and customer success. Supporting and appreciating their hard work is crucial for success.

Challenges in the Small and mid-size companies

Limited resources

SMBs operate with lean organizational structures and limited financial and human resources, making it tough to effectively address employee engagement needs.

Lack of R&R programs

Reward and recognition programs are not prioritized which can often result in employees feeling unappreciated, disconnected, and demotivated.

No formal feedback surveys

Limited formal feedback processes hinder identifying improvement areas and addressing employee concerns, impacting retention of top performers.

Enhance SMB Employee Engagement with Empuls

Empuls offers a one-stop solution to create an unparalleled employee experience for your rockstars. Automate rewards and recognition to celebrate milestones and performance on a centralized social intranet. Offer the gift of choice with a global rewards catalog and help extend employee paychecks with savings & discounts. Gain valuable insights through regular eNPS and employee surveys with detailed analytics and guided actionable plans for improvement.

“Truly a value add to employee reward initiatives”

Reflecting on our journey with Empuls, the support and guidance from the Empuls, starting at ground zero, has been invaluable. Having the Empuls team at every step of this journey made all the difference. Empuls has been truly a value add to Thryve’s employee reward initiatives!

Leena Pujari
Associate Director - People
Thryve Digital Health
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Power your employee engagement strategy with Empuls

Flexible Pricing

Choose solutions that meet your unique needs and opt for flexible payment plans accordingly. The cost of running your employee engagement initiatives is lower than your coffee costs.

Quick Launch

Set up in 60 mins, either DIY or on call with our experts, and get all the support, training, and resources you need for success.

Global Rewards

Avoid the hassle of multiple vendors with a global reward store offering limitless choices across international and local brands.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate Empuls with your existing HRMS and collaboration tools without disrupting existing workflows.


The platform SDK & APIs allow you to embed the solution within any existing product.


The platform can be white-labeled with branding, logos, colors, time zones, currencies, and languages.