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Empuls works for a wide range of industries with in-office, remote, deskless, and mobile, or a mixed workforce. No matter where your people work, you can use Empuls to praise and acknowledge them so they can continue to deliver great work every day.

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Appreciation given to a doctor
Your healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, aides, lab technicians, and more, play a vital role in delivering critical care services for the sick, injured, and ailing population visiting your healthcare centers.
  • They see patient agony, pain, and death constantly, which affects their mental health.
  • As primary caretakers, they are exposed to a complex variety of health and safety hazards.
  • During the pandemic, they worked tirelessly despite the risk of infection and burnout from standing for long periods, doing the heavy lifting, and working long hours.

Let's celebrate, appreciate, and reward the selfless service of your healthcare staff. With Empuls, you can create daily moments of recognition and praise for everyone, from your frontline staff to the ones working behind the scenes.

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Appreciation given to a retail workers
Consumer Goods & Retail
Your employees, from sales associates to cashiers, customer service reps, inventory, and procurement managers, create positive shopping experiences that keep your customers returning to your store.
  • They meet customers' evolving demands with patience and a smile, standing for long hours on the job.
  • They work in a busy, stressful, and demanding role, leading to physical and mental burnout, causing them to skip or be late to work.
  • The high employee turnover due to the lack of motivation leads to a loss in productivity, hurting your business' financials and impacting your customer's shopping experiences.

So it's no secret that happy frontline employees are key to happy customers. Applaud the thankless job of your retail staff with timely recognition and delightful rewards on Empuls.

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Appreciation given to a BPO worker
BPO & Consulting
Your employees are critical to the long-term
growth of your company. When they stick
around longer, they understand your business
and customers better and deliver the right
  • Sustaining high levels of enthusiasm is tough when they have to face angry customers and handle rejections and profanity regularly.
  • The mundane work and low salaries can lead to dissatisfaction and high turnover, increasing the cost of hiring and training new talent.
  • The workforce, mainly comprised of millennials, thrives on frequent praise, incentives, and rewards.

Use Empuls to drive recognition and rewards end-to-end for your call center agents, team leaders, operations managers, resource planners, quality analysts, trainers, and coaches. A motivated, engaged, and happy workforce translates into excellent customer service, high sales, and repeat business.

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Appreciation given to a ITES employee
ITeS & SaaS
Your employees help you stay at the forefront of innovation so your clients can leverage IT to improve organizational efficiency.
  • They deliver round-the-clock services for your global clientele, working long hours and sometimes even weekends to resolve critical customer issues.
  • It's challenging to retain the hyper-competitive IT talent for the long-term, as they yearn for a work culture that promotes frequent appreciation and rewards that provide instant gratification.
  • A high proportion of the workforce comprises millennials, a digital-first generation, which is not motivated by traditional engagement methods.

Use Empuls to drive a 360-degree democratic recognition and rewards program that boosts employee morale and amplifies appreciation visibility across the organization and social channels.

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Recognition in Fintech Industry
BFSI & Fintech
Your teams play a pivotal role in launching and promoting your financial products while driving customer stickiness through personalized services that enable clients to access and manage their finances efficiently.
  • The 24/7 shifts, long work hours behind a desk, and the unpredictable weather conditions for field reps lead to employee burnout.
  • The highly complex nature of work, which requires strict compliance with financial regulations and evolving financial processes, adds stress.
  • They uphold high service standards and go out of the way to solve customer problems.

Just the way you delight customers with rewards, it's vital to delight employees, whether they work in trading, investment, sales, risk, compliance, security, or operations teams. Use Empuls to motivate and retain employees for the long-term with recognition, incentives, and an extensive choice of rewards.

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Recognition in Edtech industry
Whether you're an online or offline educational institution, your academic, support, administrative, sales, and IT staff all play a part in creating a limitless learning experience by reducing barriers and providing access to a world-class education.
  • As educators, their efforts are taken for granted though they make a huge difference in our lives.
  • Their passion for the cause of education is a significant driver at work, despite their low salaries.
  • During the pandemic, their incredible effort to quickly adapt to remote learning is worthy of recognition.

It's important to shine the light on their small and big contributions frequently, so they continue doing the good work. Drive a culture of gratitude with Empuls through recognition and rewards for everyone in your ecosystem, from teaching to non-teaching staff.

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