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An employee experience platform to understand people's expectations at every stage in their journey with your organization, and holistically improve their experience.

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Why do you need to deliver a stellar employee experience? It's because great employee experience positively affects employee retention, performance and development.

Improving the employee experience is now a strategic priority for every organization and involves understanding how employees feel at every step of their journey with the organization.
of employees say their feelings about day-to-day work experience impact their productivity.
of workers said the employee experience impacts their ability to serve customers.
of employers said enhancing the employee experience will be a priority for the next 3yrs.
of employers are more likely to retain employees if they deliver a positive employee experience.
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Design the best employee experience imaginable using a data-backed approach

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Create a sense of connectedness and belonging


Keep everyone on the same page with a timely broadcast of information.


Foster peer connection and bring everyone together to celebrate milestones.


Ensure active participation with nudges and social actions.


Encourage collaboration on work, projects, interests, and hobbies.

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Celebrate birthdays and milestones with "Wishboards"

A "Wishboard" is the perfect way to create lasting memories for employees. Showcase wishes from all colleagues on a single page, on special days like birthdays and anniversaries.

Employee Experience Revolution

The Employee Experience Revolution

With the future of work uncovering right in front of our eyes, we are seeing employees who don’t feel heard, supported, valued, empowered, connected, or motivated. Here's our guide that equips you with information to usher in the new era of employee experience at your organization.


Deliver an integrated digital workplace experience

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work.
We made it easy by connecting Empuls with your everyday work tools to deliver an integrated and user-friendly experience.


Creating frequent moments of appreciation in the flow of work

Discover how Quixy leveraged Empuls to create a workplace that fosters a culture of feedback and appreciation to improve the employee experience.

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What are the core elements of a holistic employee engagement strategy?
What makes Empuls an all-in-one employee engagement platform?
What's unique about the way Empuls works?
What is eNPS? How do companies improve eNPS with Empuls?
How are Empuls rewards different?
How does Empuls elicit participation and engagement?
How do I get started with Empuls?
Is my data safe on Empuls?

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