Simplify employee engagement, rewards & recognition

Employees are your greatest assets. Treat your employees like an investment, not a cost. Get started in 60 minutes.

USD 2.50

per person, per month, when billed monthly

Best suited for small & medium size teams up to 100 employees.

per person,
per month
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USD 4.50

per person, per month, when billed monthly

Best suited for large teams starting 100

per person,
per month
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Internal communication
Create / Manage Groups
Broadcast & announcements
Activity, News, Discussions, Gifs
Nudges & Notifications
Group Content Moderation
Historical Data Access
Up to 18 months
Up to 3 years
Organizational Chart
Coming soon
Coming soon
Values Badges
Spot Recognition
Social Recognition
Custom Leaderboard Settings
Peer to Peer Awards
Multi-currency Rewards
Rewards Catalog
Gift & Rewards Automation
Service Award Automation
Reward Budgets
Reward nomination workflows
Reward Certificates
Bulk Rewards
Cost Center Allocation
Customizable Catalog
Employee Surveys
Employee Pulse Survey
Industry Benchmarks
Coming soon
Diversity & Inclusion survey
Coming soon
Coming soon
Lifecycle Surveys
Coming soon
Coming soon
Wellbeing Survey
Coming soon
Coming soon
Slack & MS Teams Integration
DIY HRIS Integration
Custom HRMS Integration
System features
Mobile Apps
Reports & Analytics
Permissions and Roles
Support & Billing
Customer Support
Empuls Academy & Resources
Onboarding Assistance
Upto 8 hours of in person support
Upto 20 hours of in person support
Offline Payments
Priority Support
Dedicated CSM
Access to Culture Experts

Frequently asked questions


Can I upgrade or downgrade anytime ?
Yes. Empuls is a pay-as-you-go service and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.
What types of payment do you accept ?
We accept payments through the credit cards, netbanking, wire transfers and cheques. Payments can be done in multiple currencies.
What if I want to cancel the subscription ?
You can cancel anytime you want to. However, we ll make sure that we make your program a success.
Which plan is right for our company ?
Empuls works for all kinds of companies, small/mid and enterprises. The starter plan works best for companies with employees less than 200, and the higher plans work best for companies which are mid or large size.
Do you have a minimum starting price or company size ?
No, companies of any size are welcome to use Empuls.
What do I get in a free trial ?
You get a free trial for a month. This gives you all features in the starter plan. If you have any questions during your trial period, feel free to reach out to our support team.


Why business Email is needed during signup ?
Empuls is best suited for employees in an organisation. Hence, we expect that sign-ups are from the official email id. This helps our sales teams to reach out to the right sign-ups.
Do you provide onboarding & customer support ?
Yes, all Empuls plans include help documentation, FAQs, how to videos & email support. Accounts with premium support get access to dedicated success managers & phone support, consultation with culture experts & training sessions.
What ROI can I get from Empuls ?
Companies using Empuls have seen better eNPS scores. eNPS scores measure the happiness & motivation of your employees which in turn is a very good indicator of company culture, performance & revenues. Companies have also reduced employee turnover and attrition with Empuls.


Is our data secure ?

Yes, we take security and compliance as our top priority. We are ISO, SOC 2, and GDPR compliant.


Do the reward points expire anytime ?
No, the reward points never expire. You can use it as and when you wish on our rewards catalog. We don't charge you anything for your unused reward points.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get a free demo for one of the premium plans?
How do I cancel my subscription?
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You're in good company


"We went live on the employee engagement portal Empuls a few months back and the journey so far has been amazing. Given that our Business verticals are spread across the country and everyone is confined to working from home, it is the best thing that happened to us. A great way to connect with the employees and motivate them through awards. The portal has exciting features. (favorite is “high-five” 😊). I must say we really liked the Surveys and the Value cards."

Ayush Mishra
GRG India


"We have been associated with Empuls for over a year with minimal concerns. Quick responses to queries, extensive catalog with highly insightful admin portal - are all one needs."

Sagar Guha
Evolent Health


"I have been partnering with Empuls at many of the companies I have worked for, including Games24x7. We have cherished the partnership and greatly admire their platform and services. I particularly admire their constant innovation and the warm support they extend which makes it a tenable relationship always. All the best to Empuls always."

Vikrant Goyal
Games 24x7