Employee engagement made easy with Empuls for Keka!

Motivate your Team

Small businesses can now motivate their teams by starting to reward on Empuls. The automation for budget & gifts helps you manage the program with a very litter time and effort.

Gather Feedback

The automated pulse surveys keep the feedback coming to you at regular intervals.

Seamless Integration

The data sync between Keka & Empuls ensures hassle-free onboarding and saves your time.

Global Rewards Catalog

Employees can now redeem their reward points on our extensive global catalog of 20,000+ options which include gift cards, travel, experiences, donations, perks & discounts.

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Sync data seamlessly

The hassles of updating the employee data in both platforms are gone with the seamless data sync between the 2 platforms. All employee data changes that happen on your Keka reflect on your Empuls account through this integration.

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Why should you choose this integration?

The peer rewards and engagement surveys help you get started with the engagement program.
Keka makes it easy for you to onboard, pay, insure, and support your team. Empuls helps you extend your HR initiatives to engage with your team.

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Take the first step in engaging your teams with Empuls.