Empuls and BambooHR help you seamlessly drive your people initiatives across the organization.

Empuls + BambooHR

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Empuls + BambooHR

Empuls and BambooHR help you seamlessly drive your people initiatives across the organization.


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Holistically engage employees with the Empuls and BambooHR integration

Bring a sense of connectedness

Build trust with consistent and transparent communication. Keep connections alive for your employees with a social intranet designed for distributed teams.

Create opportunities for feedback

Measure employee engagement and seek proactive feedback. Elevate employee experience by listening and taking action to fix the root cause of disengagement.

Recognize good behavior

Empower everyone to create a culture of appreciation and give visibility to everyone’s efforts. Make recognition a frictionless, candid, fun, and social experience.

Reward good performance

Applaud good performance when employees meet and exceed company goals. Delight them with reward points that don't expire and an extensive choice of rewards from a global catalog.

Maximize savings and extend their income

Engage all demographics of your workforce, from Gen X to Gen Z, with exclusive employee discounts*. Deliver savings on small and big, planned and unplanned expenses, all year round.
*Empuls Perks & Discounts is an add-on feature that can be purchased with our Starter and Proficient plans.

Holistically engage employees with the Empuls and BambooHR integration

Create opportunities for feedback

Measure employee sentiment and seek feedback using engagement and lifecycle surveys. Use data-backed recommendations to fix the root cause of disengagement and elevate the employee experience.

Recognize and celebrate achievements

Empower employees to appreciate each other’s contributions and celebrate small and big wins together. Deliver a frictionless, candid, and fun experience with a social recognition platform.

Reward good performance

Applaud and motivate employees, when they meet and exceed company goals, with meaningful rewards. Delight them with extensive reward choices from a global catalog and reward points that never expire.


​​Address the needs of everyone in the workplace

Human Resources
Helps drive multi-dimensional employee engagement and enhance the employee experience from a single platform.
Business Leaders
Eliminates the need to invest in multiple point solutions, gives visibility into people initiatives, is cost-effective, and delivers a high ROI.
People Leaders
Helps to engage and motivate teams, seek their feedback, and leverage people data to work on areas of improvement.
Helps to align with the company's culture, mission, and vision, and strengthen peer relationships through recognition.


Here’s what’s included in the Empuls and BambooHR integration

Easily integrate the two systems

Connect Empuls and BambooHR using a simple process. You must be an admin on both systems to initiate the integration.

Save time and keep data fresh

Sync information automatically to Empuls when adding, deleting, and updating employee data in BambooHR.

Never miss a special event

Import employee birth dates and start dates so you can celebrate these special days with automated greetings and gifts.

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