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Say goodbye to disengagement and hello to a more motivated and productive workforce with our best-in-class company culture software. Transform your workplace culture and unlock the full potential of your employees with Empuls.

Trusted by over 3000 customers worldwide

Empuls, our company culture software, is built for teams from 10 to 10,000+ strong. Whatever aspect of engagement you want to strengthen, Empuls has the digital horsepower to help you deliver.

The perks of investing in your employees with company culture software


Improvement in employee net promoter score


Employees more likely to stay at incentivised workplaces


Company revenue growth


Higher customer satisfaction scores


Employees have better understanding of company vision, goals, and values


Employees feel more valued and recognised

Run a high-quality, results-driven recognition program with our company culture software

Drive employee performance and ignite purpose with Empuls, our company culture software designed for talent management leaders with performance KPIs who value recognition and appreciation.

Promote a culture of appreciation
Create a recognition-rich culture with peer-to-peer appreciation. Turn on the power of appreciation with Empuls personalised recognition, messaging, and awards.
Align your people and culture
Align everyone with the company purpose, brand, and culture with Empuls. Highlight and reinforce company values through social recognition programs. 
Nudge participation and engagement
Crowdsource ideas from your teams and make every interaction count. Assign activity scores for every action. Create healthy competition using leaderboards and gamification.
Show that everyone matters
Get complete visibility into your employee engagement program and its adoption. Uncover recognition trends across teams. Give your leaders the tools to close the motivation gap.

An all-in-one company culture software for retail to drive employee motivation and engagement

Better alignment

Connect business goals with rewards to tap into extrinsic employee motivators.

Higher engagement

Engage everyone in a healthy competition with gamification, badges and leaderboards.

Increased productivity

Deliver instant rewards to applaud and reinforce good performance in everyone.

Encourage your workforce with our retail company culture software throughout the entire employee lifecycle

Disburse rewards for all occasions, from employee onboarding to promotion, retention, and retirement. Send out personalized incentives for each stage of the employee lifecycle and strategize your actions to deliver an excellent employee experience.

Onboarding to retirements gifts

Motivate employees to go the extra mile with our company culture software

Boost employee morale with frequent and in-the-moment recognition. Make them feel valued and appreciated as they complete important milestones in their personal and professional lives, with greetings, rewards, and gifts.

Integrate with the tools you already use at work 

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work.
We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS / HRMS / HCM, and single sign-on tools.

More reasons to choose Empuls

HR teams use Empuls’ company culture software to build a strong organizational culture with our rewards, recognition, surveys, and a social intranet for effective employee communication.

Our solution caters to multiple industries

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