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✨  Don't miss out! Register for our Employee Appreciation Webinar scheduled for 29th February.🎖️

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Internal communication software for businesses to foster quality communication

Create a quality-driven working environment with Empuls' internal communication software for businesses. Strengthen employee relations through effective communication via social groups.

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Internal communication software that goes beyond the basics, ignite motivation and foster deep engagement


Create a strong bond with your employees by connecting with them via social groups.


Employees can actively engage in employee activities by interacting via polls and surveys.


Improve collaboration between employees through community groups and work groups.

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Experience our Internal communications software for business that will transform your team collaboration into productive performances

With our internal communications software for business, employees can foster active engagement through surveys, foster improved collaboration via social intranet, and drive better internal communication by conveying organizational goals effectively. Collaborate with employees on a personal and professional level with a social intranet platform. Experience the landscape of workplace efficiency – it’s time to drive communication smartly!

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Improving communication systems goes a long way

Empuls look to drive this culture to the next level with strong internal communication. 

  • Align our employee experience software for global companies in communicating your company values, vision, goals, and mission effectively. 
  • Share updates and project-related information through our social intranet, helping in collaborating with employees smoothly. 
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Enhance collaboration for business purposes with social intranet 

  • Communicate business goals, projects, presentations, and more by creating work groups via the internal communication software for business. 
  • Access important data on-the-go by downloading the Xoxoday Empuls mobile app. 

Streghthen employee relations by celebrating your collegeues milestones! 

  • Build an environment that supports employee growth with an internal communication software for businesses. 
  • Cherish and celebrate every occasion - birthday and work anniversaries on the wishboard dashboard.  

Works with your everyday work tools

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS/HRMS/HCM, and single sign-on tools.

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The advantages of employing our internal communication software


Improvement in employee net promoter score


Employees more likely to stay at incentivised workplaces


Company revenue growth


Higher customer satisfaction scores


Employees have better understanding of company vision, goals, and values


Employees feel more valued and recognised

Effective workplace communication
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Strengthen business communication

Learn the best ways to scale internal communication through our guide. Bid farewell to casual conversations and explore the core principles.

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