✨  Don't miss out! Register for our Employee Appreciation Webinar scheduled for 29th February.🎖️
✨  Don't miss out! Register for our Employee Appreciation Webinar scheduled for 29th February.🎖️

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Make team management easy with our employee engagement software for small business

Get unmatched support from Empuls, an excellent employee engagement software for small business, to acquire a modern reward and recognition solution in a snap. Dive into the excellence of Empuls and explore what makes your employees tick in the fastest manner possible.

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Strengthen the team effort with our employee engagement software for small business

Nurture your unique culture

Create a people-first culture that translates into a great workplace experience and improved organizational performance.

Elevate employee experience

Holistically improve the employee experience at every stage in their journey with your organization, from onboarding to exit.

Retain your best talent

Show people you truly value them, through regular appreciation, feedback, and communication, so they stay long term.

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A quickly deployable employee engagement software for small businesses

Gain a competitive edge with Empuls, an employee engagement software for small business to foster a sense of teamwork, boost morale, and bring innovation through productivity and agility.

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Make engaging comeback across the team within the organization

  • Share the right information at the right time with quick announcements, posts, and group chats. 
  • Make communication a success with customizable surveys and polls.
  • Makes reaching out to remote and hybrid talents easier. 
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Create opportunities for feedback

  • Strengthen the bond of the teammates by ensuring participation.
  • Gamify engagement activities to build a cooperative environment.
  • Build a unique culture with interactive features. 

Recognize & reward good performance

  • Build an influential culture doused in appreciation.
  • Curate impactful data to implement a successful R&R solution.
  • Have a comprehensive engagement and feedback survey with Empuls. 

Works with your everyday work tools

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS/HRMS/HCM, and single sign-on tools.

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Integrate Empuls to redefine participation


Improvement in employee net promoter score


Employees more likely to stay at incentivised workplaces


Company revenue growth


Higher customer satisfaction scores


Employees have better understanding of company vision, goals, and values


Employees feel more valued and recognised

Effective workplace communication
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