Holistic people analytics in Empuls

Know what your people think, feel, and want at every stage of their journey with your organization. Get employee buy-in and increase adoption for your people initiatives using a data-backed approach. Design the workplace of the future with employee inputs, comprehensive people analytics, and guided action plans.
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Give multiple stakeholders access to culture, experience, and engagement data

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Get a holistic view of your people initiatives from communication to surveys, recognition, and rewards

Engagement driver analysis in Xoxoday Empuls

Culture Analytics

Enable everyone with data to proactively contribute to your culture.
  • Values Adoption Data: See how actively your workforce is displaying your core values and appreciating others who display them so you can take action to increase employee adoption for the least adopted values.
  • Employee Feedback on Culture: Dive into the engagement driver analysis provided by the pulse survey to understand how employees feel about your workplace culture and the organization’s values, vision, and mission.
Measuring eNPS score on Empuls

Employee Engagement Analytics

Leverage rewards and incentives to improve employee engagement and help everyone stay connected virtually.
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS): Get a sense of employee loyalty and the breakup of promoters, passives, and detractors in your workforce.
  • Pulse Survey Insights: Dig deeper into the eNPS score by gauging engagement across four key dimensions - Strategic Connect, Hygiene Factors, Relationships & Culture, and Recognition & Career Growth. The scores for these 4 dimensions and 15 sub-dimensions help you prioritize and align your engagement efforts to improve the eNPS.
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Recognition Analytics

Deep-dive into adoption trends for your employee recognition program.
  • Recognition Trends: See how recognition cuts across departments, locations and more. With data available at all levels, it’s easy to improve adoption by every individual and foster a culture of appreciation.
  • Award Data: Get a clear idea of how different awards are being given across the organization to gauge their success and seek employee feedback on the not-so-popular award categories.
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Rewards Analytics

Continue the tradition of delighting employees with rewards and budget data.
  • Budget Utilization: Get the complete picture of your rewards budget and how reward points are distributed across gifts, awards, departments, and time periods to see if your budget is underutilized or needs to increase.
  • Reward Redemption: See the breakup of how reward points are used or unused across a time period, along with redemption trends, and popular categories of rewards being redeemed from the catalog.

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