Elevate blue-collar employee engagement & frontline productivity

with Empuls’ mobile platform

Keep your deskless blue-collar, frontline, and service workers engaged, motivated and aligned at all times with an accessible mobile-first blue-collar employee engagement platform.
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Looking for a tool to engage blue-collar workers?

Here's what sets Empuls apart

Mobile-first platform
Elevate your deskless workforce with milestone rewards and peer appreciation using our mobile-first engagement platform. Celebrate achievements seamlessly, anytime, anywhere.
Access employee benefits on WhatsApp
Our Super Saver Bot feature enables frontline workers to redeem vouchers on Empuls directly from WhatsApp.
Login with a phone number
Simplify access for blue-collar workers with easy login via phone number, ensuring hassle-free engagement on the go.
Multilingual Support
We support over 20+ languages, making it a global platform for a global user base.

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