Amazon awards and recognition with Empuls’ reward marketplace to make it better

People already love the Amazon shopping experience. Bring that experience to the workplace with Empuls. Your milestone and service awards now have a bigger appeal as employees can pick what’s most meaningful in the moment. Experience the best of both worlds with Empuls and Amazon awards and recognition.

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Employee Service Awards with Empuls & Amazon - a recipe for employee delight

The Empuls Difference

Global Rewards Catalog 

Extensive rewards marketplace spanning 100+ countries

Zero Markup Fees

No hidden charges, you get a dollar-for-dollar value

Billing on redemption

Billing only upon reward point redemption by employees

There’s more to the Empuls Rewards Catalog

Team celebrating deal win on Empuls

Modernize your reward program with e-gift vouchers, delivered instantly upon reward point redemption.

Our digital reward catalog includes:
  • 5000+ popular and local brands
  • eGift cards across 25+ categories
  • Vouchers in multiple denominations

WOW your employees with experiences to create a personalized rewards experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Our experiences catalog spans: 
  • 1000+ experiences
  • Across 40+ categories
  • In 50+ countries

Get the flexibility of uploading and managing your custom rewards catalog on Empuls.

Here are some ways to use the custom catalog option:
  • “Lunch with the CEO” reward
  • “Paid Time Off” reward
  • Company swag rewards, and more 

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