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✨  Don't miss out! Register for our Employee Appreciation Webinar scheduled for 29th February.🎖️

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Employee discount platform for HR leaders to empower the workforce

Unlock a world of exclusive discounts and offers for your employees with Xoxoday Empuls – the leading employee discount platform. We understand that caring for your employees goes beyond the workplace, and that's why we bring you a comprehensive employee discount program that prioritizes their financial well-being and engages every generation in your workforce.

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Boost your employer brand and employee value proposition


Exclusive discounts contribute to overall employee financial wellness.


Exclusive discounts show appreciation, leading to higher levels of employee engagement.


Employee discount programs are attractive perks for recruiting and retaining top talent.

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Avail exclusive discounts using Xoxoday Empuls employee discount platform

Drive employee productivity and performance with a quality-driven employee discount platform designed by Xoxoday Empuls.

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Launch your employee discounts program

Your employees are on the lookout for ways to maximize their hard-earned money. Demonstrate your commitment to their financial wellness by introducing a robust employee discount program. Xoxoday Empuls goes beyond the ordinary, touching the lives of your workforce in meaningful ways.

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Exclusive discounts curated for you

Access exclusive discounts, offers, and cashback not available to the general public. Our ever-expanding catalog covers a wide array of categories, providing your employees with everyday savings on items they are already purchasing. Xoxoday Empuls tailors discounts to suit the unique needs and preferences of your workforce.

Save more than $50,000 annually

Experience the incredible value Xoxoday Empuls brings to the table. Our employee discounts empower your workforce to save over $50,000 annually. Discover the financial benefits and exceptional return on investment (ROI) for your organization with our user-friendly calculator.


Works with your everyday work tools

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS/HRMS/HCM, and single sign-on tools.

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The perks of investing in an employee discount software


Improvement in employee net promoter score


Employees more likely to stay at incentivised workplaces


Company revenue growth


Higher customer satisfaction scores


Employees have better understanding of company vision, goals, and values


Employees feel more valued and recognised

Effective workplace communication
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The dynamics of employee discount platform

Get an overview of employee discount platform through the eyes of Empuls - your go-to-buddy for employee engagement.

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