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Empuls Employee Discounts & Perks
Financially-stressed employees are 5x more likely to be distracted at work, leading to productivity losses, which amount to nearly 5% of total payroll costs.

There was once a ‘One company for a lifetime’ era where employees were considered the company’s most valuable assets. An era that, displayed a strong bond between employer and employees seems to have vanished into thin air. 

With one-employer careers most likely gone forever, organisations strive to compete and thrive in a highly competitive, global economy. Organizations of today need all the members of their crew to feel valued and row in the same direction. 

To excel in today’s “Talent War”, companies are out-perking each other and finding ways to adapt to the shift in power - by giving employees what they want to focus on productivity and ultimately helping them stay happy and satisfied in the workplace and beyond. 

Learn how Employee Perks & Discounts can help you build a happy and engaged workforce that can go beyond the call of duty and perform better while building long term relationships.

This brochure covers:

  • Financial stress and its implications on the workforce 
  • How employers can go the extra mile to help employees save
  • Why employee discount programs work for everyone
  • How Empuls Perks & Discounts serve as financial stressbusters
  • The length and breadth of the Empuls Discounts catalog
  • Calculating the savings and ROI from a discounts program
  • The Empuls Perks & Discounts pricing plans 
  • The benefits and outcomes from a discounts program on Empuls

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