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Run a high-quality, results-driven recognition program on Empuls

Drive employee performance and ignite purpose with the engagement-friendly Empuls platform, designed for talent management leaders with performance KPIs, who value employee recognition.

Promote a culture of appreciation
Create a recognition-rich culture with peer-to-peer appreciation. Turn on the power of appreciation with Empuls personalised recognition, messaging, and awards.
Align your people and culture
Align everyone with the company purpose, brand, and culture with Empuls. Highlight and reinforce company values through social recognition programs. 
Nudge participation and engagement
Crowdsource ideas from your teams and make every interaction count. Assign activity scores for every action. Create healthy competition using leaderboards and gamification.
Show that everyone matters
Get complete visibility into your employee engagement program and its adoption. Uncover recognition trends across teams. Give your leaders the tools to close the motivation gap.

The Empuls numbers speak for themselves


Improvement in employee net promoter score


Employees more likely to stay at incentivised workplaces


Company revenue growth


Higher customer satisfaction scores


Employees have better understanding of company vision, goals, and values


Employees feel more valued and recognised

Make it easy for employees to show their appreciation with Empuls

Easy-to-build custom workflows 

Let your people shine the light on top performers and great attitudes. Choose spot awards, monetary rewards and flexible approval options.

Award people who really make a difference

 Award people who make things happen. Let your team create personalized messages of appreciation, digital award certificates and social sharing.

Delight, motivate, and reward employees

Motivate employees to keep their much-loved winning streaks and play the long game at your company. Link awards to redeemable reward points from our rich global catalog. 

Let ‘Em’ be your company nudge partner

Close your engagement gaps with our AI-powered engagement bot called Em.
Em interacts with your employees, giving gentle, timely nudges and reminders about special occasions like peer birthday and work anniversary. Everybody feels valued when Em is at work. Em takes care of the mundane HR tasks, so you can focus on the bigger picture. 


Democratize your employee awards

Pick a panel of jury members to find the most suitable candidate to receive a special award. Remove bias and improve transparency with jury-based awards.

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Works with your everyday work tools

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS/HRMS/HCM, and single sign-on tools.

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