Who Owns Employee Engagement?

50 mins
Who Owns Employee Engagement?
This webinar is best for:
HR Managers, Director HR
CHRO & HR Head

Having a comprehensive engagement strategy is key to improving employee involvement. A recognition and rewards (R&R) program is a critical component of that strategy. When your R&R is linked to business goals and objectives, it has the power to influence the overall growth of employees and helps in building highly engaged and productive teams.

Managers and Senior Executives are the closest to your team and empowering them to embrace and prioritize recognition is the key to a successful engagement strategy. As enablers, HR needs to influence managers and leaders to drive employee engagement through timely and meaningful recognition. To bring all of this together in a seamless way, you must leverage technology.

In this webinar you will learn :
  • Who owns the employee engagement flag?
  • How HR can influence and support managers to drive engagement and recognition?
  • The framework for building an engagement strategy
  • How to connect work with short-term goals and long-term vision so employees find purpose in their work?
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