Hybrid Work & The 2023 Trends in Recruiting

48 mins
Hybrid Work & The 2023 Trends in Recruiting
This webinar is best for:
HR Leaders
Talent Acquisition Leaders

The pandemic has changed our approach to work and workplace experience irrevocably. With remote and hybrid work models now a reality, it's important to address the unique set of challenges that these bring.

How do you decide which mode works best for you? What are the best practices in designing hybrid and remote work models? What are the recruitment trends in 2023 and should you follow them? We’ll answer all these questions and more.

Join us in this fireside chat, where we'll explore:
  • Hybrid work as a norm, not the exception
  • The effect of hybrid work on recruitment
  • Ensuring productivity in a hybrid working environment
  • Employee well-being as a mandate
  • Is hybrid working the antidote to quiet quitting?
  • Driving Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
  • 2023 trends in the recruitment landscape
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