Employee Retention

Stay interviews

Stay interviews
Our Employee Retention survey gives you an overview of how many of your employees plan to stay and quit over the next two quarters.

Stay Interviews are conducted to understand why and for how long employees are likely to stay in an organization. They are a great way to improve employee engagement and understand what an organization can improve to ensure its employee retention rate is higher. They also help you get an idea about the likely voluntary turnover in the next two quarters and hence, plan to either lessen it and/or allocate resources for hiring.

The survey template is designed to help HR get a larger picture of the employees who are likely to continue in the organization in the next six months and help them understand if they have to mitigate the impact of potential turnover. Click and download this easily downloadable, editable, and shareable survey template (available as Google forms). Complete with a quick guide on how to read the results, they are a handy tool for you to know more about why employees stay in your organization and how to improve on such factors.

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