Employee Wellbeing

Feedback on employee wellbeing

Feedback on employee wellbeing
Our Employee Well-being survey helps you get a 360⁰ picture of the well-being of your employees.

Employee Well-being is an important factor that affects employee productivity. Employee Well-being is not just about how an employee feels. It encompasses aspects such as Mental Well-Being, Emotional Well-Being, and Physical Well-Being. Understanding your employee’s well-being holistically can help you take steps to enhance their well-being and lower instances and costs associated with sick leaves, burnout and voluntary turnover.

This survey template is designed to help HR understand employee well-being holistically and resolve concerns to help them function better. Click and download this easily downloadable, editable, and shareable survey template (available as Google forms). Complete with a quick guide on how to read the results, they are a handy tool for getting immediate feedback on your employee well-being initiatives and improving on them. 

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