Guide To Action : Interpreting The Empuls Engagement Survey Dashboard

Guide To Action : Interpreting The Empuls Engagement Survey Dashboard
Interpreting The Empuls Engagement Survey Dashboard

HR professionals are data-challenged when it comes to  measuring metrics, conducting an in-depth analysis, and  making data-driven decisions to demonstrate the return on investment for key HR expenditures. Empuls Pulse Surveys generate extensive and meaningful data that empowers HR leaders to finely measure and monitor each of their initiatives and policies.

Did you know, 62% of organisations already use engagement surveys and the remaining 33% plan to invest in it during 2020. Despite this interest, only 43% of organisations use these metrics to identify and predict employee flight risks.

This gap lies in the way the engagement surveys are administered, the quality of questions, the way these questions link back to critical organisational metrics, employee response rates and most importantly, deciphering what the results mean, in order to do the next right thing.

With this guide, we aim to sort out the ‘deciphering’ gap with the help of the Engagement survey dashboard.

In this guide, you will learn more on

  • Deciphering employee engagement gaps through surveys
  • About the Empuls Engagement Survey 
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS ) 
  • Detractors, Passives And Promoters 
  • Interpreting The Empuls Dashboard


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