A Practical Guide to Managing a Team (+Bonus tips on how to manage remote teams)

A practical guide to managing a team
How tough could it be to put dozen-odd individuals together and getting them to work on a single project? Well, the answer is very difficult, and here's a practical guide to managing a team that makes it easier.
What do you think Salesforce, Cisco, and Hilton have in common?

In addition to being successful global brands, they’re in the top 10 of the Fortune 2020 ranking - “The 100 best companies to work for” - which means they deliver an exceptional employee experience.

While the methodology focuses on employees’ experience of trust and reaching their full potential”, it also considers leaders’ effectiveness and how their people live out the company’s values or contribute to new ideas.

What’s the magic behind the scene?

A disarming simplicity of making people happy to work with a great boss, great teams, and purpose. We’ll explore the three critical factors in more detail, giving you insights and inspiration on building high-performing teams and culture.

In this guide, you will learn more on
  • How to become the best team leader
  • How to foster great execution on your team
  • How to be a better manager in the virtual world
  • Bonus tips for a high-performing virtual team culture
  • A toolkit for adjusting your virtual management style