Getting Employee Recognition “Right”

Getting employee recognition right
Recognition is important for a wide variety of reasons, some of them tangible and some of them intangible, but all having positive impacts on both your employees and your company.

Over the years, employee recognition has evolved from being a nice way to thank employees for their years of service, to something that can have a significant and meaningful impact on your workforce and your business. And because of this, it’s no longer seen as a “nice to do'', but a “have to do”. 

However, as with anything in life and in business, it’s all about how you do it - do it the right way and you reap the benefits, do it the wrong way and you waste your time, energy and your company’s money. 

It’s this “right way” of doing recognition that we will explore in this guide, sharing tips and stories to help you achieve the many positive impacts that it can deliver to your employees and your company. 

In this guide you will learn more about

  • What is Employee Recognition
  • Why is Employee Recognition Important
  • Designing Your Recognition Plan (The What, Why, and How)
  • Tips to Build and Manage Your Recognition Programs
  • Case Study


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