Delight employees with meaningful rewards, gifts, and experiences

Motivate employees with rewards of their choice when they deliver good performance and exceed expectations

Trusted by 1000+ people-first organizations across the globe

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When we found Empuls, we knew it was perfect for us. It's the best investment because our people are always excited by the rewards. It's a celebration of their work in the way they choose to do it.

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After getting everyone on Empuls, our people are always pushing themselves to exceed at work. Their motivation is the choice of experiences that they can pick through rewards on Empuls. Thank you for helping us create lasting memories.

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Rewards on Empuls are helping us motivate employees like never before. Moving our rewards program to Empuls has been the best decision because we no longer have the hassles of managing vendors and reward delivery

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Deliver personal and memorable reward experiences

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Are you able to motivate employees enough to continue the good work?

With Empuls, you can:

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Run reward programs that power business results
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Reward employees for exceptional performance
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Deliver timely rewards using workflows and automation
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Keep it hassle-free with reward points that never expire
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Benefit from zero markups and instant reward delivery

Employee Rewards with Empuls

Rewards that make employees feel valued for their work
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Drive a Rewards Program

that boosts productivity, engagement, and retention

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Appreciate employees for their good work

  • Applaud exceptional employee performance with timely and meaningful rewards
  • Reinforce good performance by connecting rewards with work targets and goals
  • Use reward automation so you never miss events like employee birthdays and service anniversaries
  • Configure reward workflows to include approvers and nominators
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Increase participation with gamification

  • Create a familiar experience with brand colors, company logo, and other customization options
  • Elicit participation and engagement with activity scores, badges, and custom leaderboards
  • Create a healthy competition with leaderboards that show how employees rank against peers
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Delight employees with amazing reward choices

  • Design a custom catalog to include reward options that reaffirm company values
  • Pick from an ever-expanding global catalog with more than 20,000 reward options
  • Surprise employees with an extensive array of reward choices, from gifts and experiences, to create lasting memories
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Measure the impact of your rewards program

  • Set reward budgets, and track distribution, and redemption data to measure adoption
  • View reward trends across teams to find cross-linkages between rewards, employee performance, and business metrics
  • Get the precise ROI of your reward program with the budget utilization report

Improving organizational transparency in employee rewards and recognition (R&R) through Empuls

Discover how Nidhi Verma, HR Manager, HR Information Centre - Asia Pacific, at Brenntag, brought in transparency in the employee R&R process by implementing it on the Empuls platform.

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Works with your everyday work tools

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work.

We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS / HRMS / HCM, and single sign-on tools.

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Check out our additional features

Web & Mobile Apps

Desktop and mobile apps for always-on connection

Nudges & Alerts

AI bot nudges and mail notifications help elicit action

Intelligent Search

Quickly search for people, posts, images, files, and more

Admin Console

Manage permissions, access, and configurations

rewards and recognition program guide
Download Free ebook

Implementing a Rewards Program

Sustaining motivation across the organization is a challenging task for HR. In this guide, we explore HR can seamlessly implement a rewards program at their organization using a modern reward and recognition platform.

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