Motivating frontline employees with Empuls to reap the benefits of reduced absenteeism and attrition

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Founded in 1974, SPI Cinemas began operating multiplexes in the south Indian metropolis of Chennai and eventually expanded to 10 states across India. Lauded for its premium quality and inexpensive pricing, SPI is notable for being the first multiplex operator in India to equip its screens with the Dolby Atmos and Auro 11.1 sound systems.

Ineffective employee engagement
With a substantial workforce, the employee engagement process at SPI Cinemas was manually driven by either the team leads or HR. People leaders like Siddarth had to manage and coordinate each engagement activity personally. Since only 10% of the organization consisted of managers and corporate staff, employee engagement became laborious and inefficient.

The challenging task of employee motivation under unfavorable circumstances
90% of SPI's workforce is in customer-facing roles, which requires working over the weekends and other holidays as the cinema-going populace predominantly visited SPI Cinemas during these periods. Hence, the motivation of the frontline staff was a critical priority for HR and the leadership.

Traditional engagement methods cannot be scaled
Success with manual employee engagement initiatives was varied and often inadequate due to different practices used by individual team managers. And as SPI Cinemas rapidly kept expanding across other states, the existing manual engagement methods couldn't keep up with the pace of expansion. It was clear that SPI needed a unified, scalable, and digital platform for seamlessly implementing its engagement initiatives.

Empuls R&R - simple, robust, and easy to use
Empuls's API-driven rewards platform had a catalog that covered 100+ countries, 20+ reward categories, and 21,000+ options with 4,000+ gift cards, 2800+ brand vouchers, non-profit donations, and cash cards. In addition to that, Empuls has 3000+ perks and custom merchandise. This provided SPI Cinemas with a vast choice of rewards to pick from to deliver a more meaningful employee R&R experience.

"We had evaluated 3 other providers, but the variety and the UI that Empuls had nobody else had. The adoption rates are extraordinary – that too across the entire workforce – it shows the high usability of the software." - Siddharth Sekhar, HR at SPI Cinemas

SPI Cinemas chose Empuls as it allows instant recognition of their frontline worker's efforts and provides detailed reward redemption reports for admins. HR teams could get a bird's eye view of the usage due to its multi-admin capability and easily coordinate with the finance teams for budget management.

24/7 availability of support
Since SPI implemented engagement programs across multiple locations for over 1200 employees, timely support on Empuls was critical. And Empuls's customer service assured prompt resolution to all customer issues. 

"Even today, if we contact their call center, we get the query rectified mostly within 1 or a maximum of 2 days. Empuls is very responsive" - Siddharth Sekhar, HR at SPI Cinemas.

Reduction in turnaround time for R&R
Empuls helped SPI Cinemas to digitize its frontline employee engagement program. As a result, SPI achieved a 90% reduction in R&R program implementation time compared to their previous implementation.

A reduction in employee absenteeism
SPI cinemas saw a reduction in workdays lost from 400 to 350 days annually after implementing Empuls. The goal-setting feature of Empuls enabled SPI to link employee attendance to reward points. Using gamification, SPI encouraged employees to aspire for big rewards and work towards buying them by accumulating points. SPI tied employee attendance with recognition so employees could strive to earn more points, and within a short span, they saw a significant dip in absenteeism.

A reduction in employee attrition
Empuls' role in reducing attrition at SPI is multi-fold. First, the goal alignment allowed employees to focus on what's important to the organization, which was a win-win situation for everyone. Second, the culture of instant R&R helped improve employee morale and motivation. Third, employees felt a sense of involvement because of the free flow of information - birthday celebrations, corporate updates, reward winner announcements, etc., which sparked offline discussions.

Sowing the seeds of recognition
Empuls's robust platform allowed SPI cinemas to seamlessly implement and scale their engagement programs across locations. The dynamic earn and burn interface with an extensive reward catalog motivated employees to quickly adapt to the platform. They are now cultivating a culture of appreciation, free flow of information, transparency, and fairness using the Empuls platform.

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