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Luminous Power Technologies are India's leading home electrical specialists with a vast portfolio of power backup solutions and home electricals. They currently have seven manufacturing units and more than 28 sales offices in India.

Govind Bisht heads Rewards for Luminous Power Technologies. He has been streamlining compensation, rewards, and benefits for a 6000-people strong workforce spread across the country.

The lack of uniformity translates to inefficiency 
Recognizing employees for their outstanding contributions has always been an intrinsic part of the Luminous culture. Despite that, the recognition process at Luminous was not standardized. 

"The vigour with which recognition initiatives were being adopted depended on the interest levels of department and function heads."

This lack of uniformity among departments in recognizing their employees led to inefficiencies in the R&R process and frequent requests from employees for a better recognition process.

The need to promote an active and fun R&R culture
A few departments showed a high interest in recognition programs, but even those teams used it only once or twice per quarter. Recognition was restricted to events like all-hands meetings or leadership visits.

The end of the physical R&R era
As a part of their R&R program, Luminous rolled out awards primarily in the form of certificates. Even the most spirited teams used printed t-shirts and paper certificates to show recognition. The lack of creativity or variety of rewards dulled the experience for employees.

Time for an upgrade, enter digital R&R with Empuls
After almost 25 years of manual R&R, Luminous decided that it was time to simplify and digitize their program. With Empuls, Luminous could now ensure end-to-end employee recognition, rewards, and redemption on a single platform. The Empuls desktop and mobile apps made it a seamless experience for every employee.

An ERP-friendly system equals an easy and quick setup
Luminous India's most important requirement was integrating Empuls with its existing ERP and Information Management System. 

"The Empuls platform seamlessly integrated with our existing systems thus making the implementation highly effective and easy for us."

Something for everyone
Luminous India was very keen on understanding their workforce segmentation to include reward choices that cater to every generation across the workforce. Empuls perfectly met this need with its wide range of reward options, including experiences, gift cards, hobbies, and interests.  

For instance, the adventures and solo trips were popular amongst the millennials, while the older generation mostly chose fine dining or spa options.

"We wanted a solution that appealed to the entire generational spectrum and was inclusive. We believe in the great value of non-monetary rewards - a 'pat on the back' works in effective ways to improve employee morale and engagement levels. Empuls gave us all of this." - Seepika Singhal, Head - Total Rewards, Schneider Electric - Luminous India.

Surprise, surprise, surprise!
The solution saw high adoption even amongst the usually technologically wary blue-collar workers at Luminous Plants. It helped create a fun culture of appreciation and recognition that blue-collar workers were never exposed to, and the employees at the plant were more than glad to start engaging on Empuls actively.

"The best feedback that we have received so far is from the manufacturing plant. Since a recognition platform like this is new to the blue collar workers at the manufacturing plant, they like it a lot."

Unlike the white-collar teams already exposed to platforms like Empuls, blue-collar workers saw it for the first time and are excited about using it. And once they got to see all the brands in one place, they were delighted.

The way forward
Luminous India implemented a new R&R process that improved employee engagement. Empuls helped Luminous India anchor its five core values and made them a part of its R&R program. They further used Empuls to consistently and sustainably nurture the right behaviors at work.

"I would say that there has been a huge improvement in the recognition process, considering where we were earlier and where we are now. The fact that all this recognition can be done online and remotely with instant notifications to everyone involved, helps us build a culture of recognition at our firm a lot more seamlessly" - Govind Bisht, HR Manager
New Delhi, India
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Empuls R&R capabilities loved by Luminous.


  • Mobile App for R&R
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Quick Setup
  • ERP Friendly System
  • Easy-to-use

Rewards & Recognition

  • Digital Rewards
  • Creative Recognition
  • End-to-end Recognition
  • Single Platform Redemption
  • Equal Recognition for both Online & Offline Workforce
  • Wide Reward Choices
  • Rewards for All Ages
  • Value-Based Recognition

Did you know?

Empuls' Recognition and Rewards Platform has multiple use cases for your organization ranging from interest groups to the social intranet and surveys. Talk to us to find out how we can help you engage your employees better.

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