Driving Instant Employee Recognition with the Empuls Employee Engagement Platform

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Our client is a business analytics software and services giant, who is also the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market, with a turnover of almost US$3.27 billion. Through innovative solutions, this company helps customers improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster.  More than 83,000 businesses, including 100+ Fortune 500 companies, government bodies, and universities, across 147 countries use their software.

The need for rewards and recognition (R&R) that align with values
Their four core values of curiosity, passion, authenticity, and accountability guide their 13,000 employees globally to achieve their business vision of transforming the "world of data" into a "world of information." To encourage employee alignment with their core values, our client required their employee R&R process to be timely and personal.

An R&R platform that's simple and efficient
The R&R process had to be simpler for increased efficiency and adoption. The process of procuring, activating, and distributing brand vouchers was time-consuming and came with overheads. To improve the efficiency of their R&R, the reward disbursement and the recognition process needed to be quick and immediate to match the pace of employee accomplishments.

Empuls spot recognition for instant gratification
The Spot Awards capability in Empuls was the exact solution our client needed as they are a great way to appreciate the employees' efforts instantly. With Empuls' values-based recognition, our client could now applaud employees displaying core values while reinforcing them in others. Spot awards also make recognition a personal experience and provide employees with instant gratification, thereby instantly reaffirming best employee behavior and effort and their constant alignment with the organization’s mission.

Increased efficiency of recognition
When compared to other R&R platforms, Empuls comes with a significant efficiency advantage. Traditional R&R includes complex and time-consuming procurement and distribution processes, whereas Empuls allows you to give an award and a reward within 5 to 6 minutes. It's now easy to set up and manage awards and allocate appropriate budgets to each manager. The Empuls platform enables immediate action on all employee award options.

Dedicated platform support
A dedicated Account manager was necessary to increase the R&R implementation process. There were often multiple inquiries from employees and HR during platform usage, so dedicated support to address all these queries was essential to prevent bottlenecks during platform implementation and initial adoption. Hence, the Empuls Key Account Manager formed a critical link between the efficiency of the firm's recognition programs and the Empuls platform.

The Empuls R&R process is very efficient. It removes all overheads of employee reward procurement. It now takes not more than 5 minutes to implement any reward."
- Senior Executive, Facilities & Administration

Increased employee alignment made possible with Empuls
Our client used Empuls to improve the rewards process efficiency, implement timely spot recognition, and deliver instant gratification for all their employees. Driving the R&R program on Empuls helped our client's employees align with their core values and reinforce the right behaviors through recognition, helping them win company goals and work towards achieving their vision.

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Empuls R&R capabilities loved by this Analytics giant


  • Easy Account Setup
  • Simple Awards Management
  • Easy Budget Allocation for Rewards
  • Dedicated Platform Support

Rewards & Recognition

  • Spot Recognition
  • Instant Gratification
  • Frequent Recognition
  • Value-based Recognition
  • Meaningful Rewards
  • Quick & Efficient R&R
  • Timely Recognition

Did you know?

Empuls employee engagement platform has multiple use cases for your organization ranging from a social intranet to peer recognition, automated rewards, and surveys. Talk to us to find out more about how we can help you engage your employees better.

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