Attract and retain your top talent by creating the best place to work

Seek feedback to identify, understand, and resolve employees concerns so they are happy, engaged, and stay long term

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A multi-dimensional approach to reducing employee turnover

Employee turnover is costly, especially when your valued employees leave the organization. Drive your overall employee retention strategy with Empuls so you get an in-depth understanding of why employees leave and take swift action using data-backed insights.

Increase employee retention

by improving the workplace experience

Find and fix the root cause of employee turnover

  • eNPS Survey - Gauge employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Engagement Survey - Measure employee perception
  • Lifecycle Surveys - Find what makes them stay or leave
  • Guided Action Plans - Guide leaders to take quick action:
    -For turning detractors into promoters
    -For increasing overall employee engagement
    -For improving employee experience at every step
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Create a sense of connectedness and belonging

  • Communication - Build trust with transparent and timely communication
  • Connection - Foster peer connection and conversation with a social intranet
  • Collaboration - Promote collaboration with community groups for work and hobbies
  • Participation - Ensure active participation with nudges and social actions
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Make employees feel valued and appreciated

  • Appreciate good behavior - Appreciate them when they adopt and display company values
  • Applaud good performance - Applaud them when they exceed performance targets
  • Celebrate personal moments - Celebrate employee birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Delight them with rewards - Create lasting memories by offering a wide choice of rewards
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Deliver an integrated digital workplace experience

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy by connecting Empuls with your everyday work tools to deliver an integrated and user-friendly experience.

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An employee retention platform that's intuitive and easy to maintain

Access anytime, anywhere

Keep employees always connected with desktop and fully-featured Android and iOS mobile apps.

Custom Branding

Personalize the social intranet experience with your logo, brand colors, custom feeds, and more.

Access & Admin Console

Manage user permissions, access controls, configurations, and data through the Admin console.

Intelligent Search

Quickly search for people, posts, messages, attachments, images, files, and more.