Make culture your biggest competitive advantage

The workplace culture tool to understand and improve employee, team, and broader organizational performance.

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Build and sustain your unique company culture

The right culture sets you apart. That's why companies with great cultures attract the best talent, and have highly engaged employees who are happy, aligned, and focused on growing the business. With Empuls, empower your leaders and employees to create a winning workplace culture where everyone thrives.

Cultivate your company culture

through continuous feedback, connection, and motivation

Foster a culture of feedback

  • Measure - Gauge how employees perceive culture, company values, and work relationships
  • Analyze - Derive key insights on cultural dynamics, peer relationships, and hierarchies
  • Identify - Identify focus areas that are impacting culture, employee morale, and relationships
  • Take Action - Guide people leaders to take action and collectively work on improving culture
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Build a culture of belonging

  • Communication - Promote a culture of transparency through open communication
  • Connection - Foster peer connection and conversation with a social intranet
  • Collaboration - Create a community culture that encourages collaboration at work
  • Alignment - Align people with company culture by sharing company values, vision, and goals
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Promote a culture of appreciation

  • Peers - Build a culture of gratitude through peer-to-peer recognition
  • Values  - Foster cultural alignment by applauding positive behaviors that match company values
  • Goals - Develop a culture of appreciation by rewarding people who exceed performance goals
  • Celebrations - Create a culture of celebration with rewards for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries
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Deliver an integrated digital workplace experience

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy by connecting Empuls with your everyday work tools to deliver an integrated and user-friendly experience.

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A culture nurturing platform, that's intuitive and easy to maintain

Access anytime, anywhere

Keep employees always connected with desktop and fully-featured Android and iOS mobile apps.

Custom Branding

Personalize the social intranet experience with your logo, brand colors, custom feeds, and more.

Access & Admin Console

Manage user permissions, access controls, configurations, and data through the Admin console.

Intelligent Search

Quickly search for people, posts, messages, attachments, images, files, and more.

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A Guide to Building & Maintaining Your Culture “Garden”

Company culture is an area that’s received more attention and focus over the years as businesses have seen and felt the power and difference it can make. In this guide, we explain how you can use culture as a competitive advantage by clearly defining it, and effectively weaving it into everything you do across the organization.

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