Recreate your physical workplace culture online for your remote and hybrid workforce

Bring your remote and in-office teams together on a single platform to share ideas, gather feedback, celebrate wins, appreciate the good work, and keep the connection alive.

An image of an empuls user using the laptop.
An image of an empuls user using the laptop.
An image of an empuls user using the laptop.
An image of an empuls user using the laptop.
An image of an empuls user using the laptop.

Trusted by 1000+ people-first organizations across the globe

A holistic approach to improving remote and hybrid employee engagement

Give your employees a way to virtually communicate with peers, recognize good work, align with company goals, speak up, be heard, and help shape their company culture.
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A platform to truly engage your hybrid workforce

through connection, alignment, motivation, and feedback
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Keep the connection alive for remote and hybrid teams

  • Communicate - Create a virtual forum for sharing news, inspiring stories, health and safety updates
  • Interact - Align everyone through frequent interactions with leadership on company culture, and vision
  • Applaud - Involve every employee in company-wide online celebrations for small and big wins
  • Collaborate - Promote a community experience with online groups for projects, and interests
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Measure remote and hybrid employee sentiment

  • Engagement Surveys - Find out factors affecting remote employee morale, productivity, and wellbeing
  • Lifecycle Surveys - Seek feedback on digital workflows, tools, and services, to enhance employee experience
  • Analysis & Insights - Find cross-linkages between employee engagement, experience, and work culture
  • Data-backed Actions - Provide managers with actionable plans  to connect, motivate, and engage remote and hybrid teams
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Boost remote and hybrid employee morale

  • Frequent Motivation - Create daily moments of appreciation with peer-to-peer and spots awards
  • Digital Recognition - Reinforce good performance and behavior by linking recognition with goals and values
  • Virtual Celebration - Virtually celebrate birthdays and milestones with messages, cards, and reward points
  • Digital Rewards - Make remote and hybrid employees feel valued by providing reward choices that delight them
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Deliver a connected digital workplace for your remote and hybrid teams

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work.We made it easy by connecting Empuls with your everyday work tools to create an integrated experience for your remote and hybrid teams.

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A remote and hybrid employee engagement platform that's intuitive and easy to maintain

Access anytime, anywhere

Keep employees always connected with desktop and fully-featured Android and iOS mobile apps.

Custom Branding

Personalize the social intranet experience with your logo, brand colors, custom feeds, and more.

Access & Admin Console

Manage user permissions, access controls, configurations, and data through the Admin console.

Intelligent Search

Quickly search for people, posts, messages, attachments, images, files, and more.

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The Only Guide You'll Need in 2021 to Engage Your Remote and Hybrid Workforce

2020 ended the water-cooler management method. Our aim now is to recreate the physical connections in the virtual world of work. Unleash the true meaning of an engaged workforce with this guide, which explains how to achieve success when working with a remote and hybrid workforce.

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