Elevate the Employee Experience at Every Touchpoint

Holistically improve the experience at every stage in the employee's journey with your organization

An image of an empuls user using the laptop.
An image of a person using the Empuls software.
An image of an empuls user using the laptop.
An image of an empuls user using the laptop.
An image of an empuls user using the laptop.
An image of an empuls user using the laptop.
An image of an empuls user using the laptop.
An image of an empuls user using the laptop.

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A multi-pronged approach to enhance the employee experience

Use a holistic approach that combines engagement, connection, purpose, motivation, and feedback to improve the moments that matter during the employee lifecycle.
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Design the best employee experience imaginable

using a data-backed approach
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Create a sense of connectedness and belonging

  • Communication - Keep everyone on the same page with a timely broadcast of information
  • Connection - Foster peer connection and bring everyone together to celebrate milestones
  • Collaboration - Encourage collaboration on work, projects, interests, and hobbies
  • Participation - Ensure timely action by employees with AI bot nudges and email notifications
  • Social Amplification - Promote social actions with hi-fives, +1s, emojis, GIFs, and comments
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Empower employees to speak their minds

  • eNPS Survey - Gauge employee loyalty so you can take steps to turn detractors into promoters
  • Engagement Survey - Measure engagement, so you can find and fix the root cause of disengagement
  • Lifecycle Surveys - Seek feedback and improve the experience at every employee touchpoint
  • Action Plans - Guide leaders to take effective action for improving engagement and experience
  • Survey Templates - Choose from recruitment, onboarding, training, performance, exit and more
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Boost remote employee morale

  • Intrinsic Motivation - Appreciate good behavior by tying recognition to company values
  • Extrinsic Motivation - Applaud when employees exceed work targets with reward points
  • Reward Catalog - Wow employees with delightful rewards and create lasting memories
  • Automation - Use rules to automate rewards so you never miss an employee milestone
  • Gamification - Create healthy competition with badges, scores, and leaderboards
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Deliver an integrated digital workplace experience

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy by connecting Empuls with your everyday work tools to deliver an integrated and user-friendly experience.

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An employee experience platform that's intuitive and easy to maintain

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Access anytime, anywhere

Keep employees always connected with desktop and fully-featured Android and iOS mobile apps.

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Custom Branding

Personalize the social intranet experience with your logo, brand colors, custom feeds, and more.

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Access & Admin Console

Manage user permissions, access controls, configurations, and data through the Admin console.

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Intelligent Search

Quickly search for people, posts, messages, attachments, images, files, and more.

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The Employee Experience Revolution

With the future of work uncovering right in front of our eyes, we are seeing employees who don’t feel heard, supported, valued, empowered, connected, or motivated. Here's our guide that equips you with information to usher in the new era of employee experience at your organization.

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