Guide To Action For Empuls Engagement Survey: Organisational Strategic Connect

Guide To Action For Empuls Engagement Survey: Organisational Strategic Connect
Organisational Strategic Connect

The ‘Strategic Connect’ of an organisation indicates its efforts towards creating an aligned organisational vision amongst their employees. It is an important dimension of an organization’s efficiency in prioritizing and allocating resources to ensure that everyone is working towards one common vision. 

The more employees feel connected towards the organization and its core values, the more engaged employees are. It becomes easier for them to get in sync with the strategy of the organization and generate meaningful results. The belief that ‘the work I am doing is meaningful’ fulfils the higher-order human/social needs of an employee.

The Empuls Guide to Action for Strategic Connect offers well laid out suggestions based on the scores. This guide will help HR and managers act on employee feedback about your Organisational Strategic Connect effectively. You will now be able to effectively take action since these results help with:

In this guide, you will learn more on 

  • Identifying focus areas in Strategic Connect efforts that can make the most impact.
  • Narrowing down on the actions to improve these focus areas.
  • Identifying various means, using industry best practices to pursue solving the top focus issues.
  • Independently taking action using the Empuls engagement platform to improve the engagement levers.
  • Actively receiving feedback from the team after every action.


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