Engagement Calendar - Apr-Jun 2022

HR: Building Super Heroes at Work
As an HR leader, you don many hats, from being the voice of the people to being the face of your organization. This engagement calendar is our way of supporting your efforts with ideas and tools that help you take the employee experience to a whole new level.

Here's our second engagement calendar for 2022, packed with ideas to create countless moments of recognition, celebration, fun, and engagement. Give your people the boost they need to grow, succeed, and stay happy.

Use this calendar as a thought-starter. Feel free to surf around, shortlist the concepts you think will 'click' with your team and culture, and bookmark the rest as reminders for later. Let this planner be just the beginning!

In this calendar, you will find:

  • A list of fun and meaningful celebration days
  • Ideas on how your teams can come together around them, and
  • Inspiration to turn them into unforgettable moments