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For startups who are just getting started with employee engagement programs.

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For organizations that want to deploy full-fledged engagement programs.

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For enterprises with large teams and custom requirements.

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Recognition & Rewards

Value Badges

Create value badges to recognize employees displaying company values.

Peer-to-Peer & Spot Awards

Democratize recognition with peer-to-peer awards. Instantly appreciate noteworthy contributions with spot awards.

Performance-based Awards

Connect employee performance targets with rewards, and define restrictions.

Nomination-based Awards

Create award approval rules and workflows for specific categories of awards.

Long Service Awards

Celebrate every work anniversary, especially those staying long term.

Appreciation Feed

Automatically showcase all appreciations in a social feed to amplify visibility and crowdsource wishes.

Gift & Reward Automation

Automate the delivery of reward points for recognition, festivals, personal and professional milestones.

Custom Reward Certificates

Design keepsake award and gift certificates using existing templates and by uploading your own templates.

Bulk Awards and Gifts

Send rewards and gifts to large groups of employees in one go.

Reward Budgets

Set up the reward budget distribution rules and workflows for giving monetary awards.

Reward Point Expiration

Talk to our Sales team to understand how you can customize this setting to suit your needs.

Reward points expire
Reward points do not expire
As per the contract
Custom Budget Management

Create custom budgets, link them to specific awards, and allocate budgets to specific employees, teams, departments, or locations.


Create a healthy competition with engagement credits and peer ranking on a leaderboard.

Custom Leaderboard Settings

Customize the leaderboard settings and preferences to suit your needs.

Global Rewards Catalog

Explore redemption options in more than 75 countries, including gift cards, experiences, perks, charity, swag, events and more.

Custom Catalog

Provide company-branded merchandise and in-house benefits for redemption from Empuls.

Multi-currency Redemption

Allow reward redemption across 100+ currencies.

Analyze & Improve

Give individuals, managers, and business leaders a 360-degree view of recognition and engagement data.


eNPS Survey

Measure employee loyalty with a single question.

Employee Pulse Survey

Capture overall employee sentiment by gauging engagement across four key drivers.

Recommended Action Plans

Get recommendations to improve engagement, based on the pulse survey insights.

Coming Soon
Lifecycle Surveys

Seek feedback during key touchpoints across the employee lifecycle to improve the experience.

360 Degree Feedback Survey

Get the complete picture with feedback from subordinates, colleagues, and supervisors.

Build your own survey

Create custom surveys for your unique needs.

Industry Benchmarking

Compare your people analytics with industry benchmarks.

Coming Soon

Internal Communications

Posts, News, Discussions, Social Actions

Post articles, photos, GIFs, or videos, start a discussion, and involve everyone with social interactions.

Broadcast Announcements

Broadcast important information organization-wide and boost awareness.

Create and Manage Custom Groups

Create private or public groups based on interests, teams, or projects.

Group Content Moderation

Moderate content in groups and include profanity filters.

Nudges & Notifications

Send timely nudges for driving participation or reminding people to complete tasks.


Easily search and connect with people across the organization.



Use Empuls directly from within Slack and Microsoft Teams.


Log in seamlessly using secure options, like SSO, SAML, ADFS, Okta, and more.

DIY HRIS Integration

Import your people's data into Empuls using existing integrations with popular HRIS.


Brag about your appreciation by showcasing them on LinkedIn.


Express thoughts and emotions creatively with the best GIFs and animated Stickers.

System Features

Mobile Apps

Get native Android and iOS apps along with a desktop version.

Reports & Analytics

Get detailed analytics and reports on recognition trends, engagement drivers, and reward redemptions.


Customize the platform with your brand colors and logo.

Permissions & Roles

Set different access controls for super admins, admins, and users.

Support & Billing

Onboarding Assistance

Get all the help you need during onboarding and implementation.

Upto 2 hrs
Upto 8 hrs
Dedicated CSM

Get a dedicated CSM to help you drive success through Empuls.

Empuls Academy & Resources

Access our research articles, white papers, eBooks, and webinars.

Multilingual Web App

Choose from Spanish, German, and French languages.

Access to Culture Experts

Sign-up for sessions with our engagement and culture consultants.


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