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Employee Communication

Transparent and easy communication across teams is the starting point for true employee engagement. Communicate, collaborate, and stay connected with everyone in the organization with Empuls social intranet features. If you are working remote, you can recreate office chit-chat, fun, activities and more with Empuls employee social network. Bring your teams together no matter where they are working from.

Employee Retention

Reduce employee turnover by diagnosing problem areas and taking proactive actions. Replacing a single employee can cost 3 to 9 months of their salary in hiring, training, and lost productivity. Attrition also impacts customer satisfaction and overall morale of other employees in the company. When employees are engaged and heard, they stick around. Empuls gives you the tools and predictive insights to bring employee attrition down.

Productivity & Performance

Happy and engaged employees perform better. When you create the right work environment and communication channels, you are helping your employees in their productivity. Empuls helps you identify problem areas which impact employee productivity & performance. You actually improve the overall bottomline of the company by improving productivity & creating a high performance culture.

Culture & Values

Build a winning culture by connecting your people to purpose, accomplishments and one another. Empuls social intranet & collaboration features align every employee to organizational information, vision, values, & goals. Employee recognition features help in reinforcing positive behaviors and creating a culture of appreciation. Employee surveys help companies to diagnose problem areas which are working against the company culture & values. Together, the entire platform gives a holistic way to nurture company culture, and values at scale.

Employee experience

Reduce data silos with connected analytics across the employee experience. Empuls centralizes employee communication, feedback, recognition, & rewards to help you create an employee first culture. With deep data insights, research backed action plans and real-time results tracking, you’ll continuously improve the employee experience.

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Loved by employees

We went live on the employee engagement portal Empuls a few months back and the journey so far has been amazing. Given that our Business verticals are spread across the country and everyone is confined to working from home, it is the best thing that happened to us. A great way to connect with the employees and motivate them through awards. The portal has exciting features. (favorite is “high-five” 😊). I must say we really liked the Surveys and the Value cards.