The Engagement Jackpot Calendar August - October 2020

The Engagement Jackpot Calendar August - October 2020
An Engagement Calendar specially curated for building happy employees.

You will find no organization that doesn’t want to hire, engage, and retain the best talent in the market. But the problem is, employees in today’s job market easily get bored, feel uninspired and within no time, start job hunting. 

Employee engagement and retention are the biggest challenges that the HR fraternity faces today. Quick turnover not only affects the companies financially, but also creatively. 

A truly power-packed employee engagement platform like Empuls helps you take proactive measures to engage your employees – both inhouse and remote – irrespective of their proximity. 

Here’s a plan for your next engagement initiatives that would bolster your organization’s morale, and let your valued employees stay connected, happy and engaged.

Cheers to a high engagement experience!

In this ebook, you will learn how to: 

  • Plan your engagement calendar by identifying your employee’s interests and the organization’s important events.
  • Uncover new, fun areas that will give you and your employees a reason to celebrate.
  • Improve your engagement and performance practices every month with helpful tips and best practices.