Engagement Calendar - Nov-Dec 2021

Engagement Calendar - Nov-Dec 2021
The start of a new month brings a cloudburst of opportunities to rejig your journey, reignite relationships and reboot the big dream. Welcome these occasions to make the workplace a better and happier place... one that not only generates impact for business, but adds meaning to society, the planet, and our future.

The month of November & December hold unexpected joys and surprises, which spill over into the next year. In keeping with its spirit of conclusion and climax, these months are dotted with occasions, get-togethers, and celebrations.

The calendar has a stream of ideas and activities to add spice and spark to work, every day. Fun and meaningful celebrations you shouldn’t miss. Explore the hints and cues of how your teams can come together to make a more meaningful difference to stakeholders and society.

Let’s cap off these months with the energy and cheer it deserves.