Engagement Calendar - May 2021

Engagement Calendar - May 2021
Presenting the Empuls May 2021 Engagement Dose. Download it now and initiate your engagement initiatives on Empuls, the employee engagement platform.

Yes, our work lives have been transformed by the pandemic. And despite the optimism brought by vaccine approvals, the fact remains that it may be a long time before we hit our ‘normal mode’ again. As a people leader, it becomes important for you to keep your employees’ spirits high at a time like this. We’re certain that you are leaving no stone unturned in planning various HR initiatives, scheduling company events, and keeping track of important dates in your industry, organization, and team.

You may use this calendar template as a gentle (and hopefully inspiring) nudge and poke to keep your imaginative energies whirring at top speed! Do not be limited to our suggestions, though - rather, use them in the way that works best for your ecosystem and teams! Twist, tweak, and re-imagine the ideas shared here to design your uniquely personalized engagement itinerary for May, while setting highlights and reminders for the rest of the year!