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"We could work with the Empuls team really well. Even today, if we have to just go back and talk to the team - they are just a phone call away or an email away."

The engagement and rewards programs at Cleartrip were sparse and were devised every now and then on a need basis only. Even when implemented, these rewards programs mainly consisted of Cleartrip gift coupons. The poor history of adoption when it came to reward tools also stood out as a key challenge for any automation of these programs. The primarily offline nature of these reward programs also created room for inconsistencies and delays, thereby reducing the overall effectiveness of all rewards and engagement programs.

To find out how Empuls helped Cleartrip overcome these challenges, improve the quality of their engagement programs and increase overall employee satisfaction scores, check out the full story.

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"Today, there is a lot of peer pressure that affects attrition. Thus, the general outlook of the company as an agile, modern organization is important in employee retention - and having a robust rewards program is a significant part of it. Empuls enabled us to do that re-branding."

Finding the right technologists for a firm such as BusinessOne Technologies can be quite tricky, given the very niche nature of the industry that they work in, which exists at the intersection of technology and pharma. This led to an increased focus on ensuring employee retention because of the potential hassle and costs involved in replacing a qualified employee post exit. The output of several focus group discussions held by the HR team to identify the causes for this attrition narrowed it down to a huge gap in rewards and recognition in the HR process. This gap was attributed to the haphazard rewards and recognition program that was in place. This program mainly consisted of cash, certificates, cheques and a few awards.

To find out how Empuls helped BusinessOne Technologies to overcome these challenges and build an effective rewards and recognition program at their firm, check out the full story.

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“We did not evaluate anybody else because Empuls gave us exactly what we wanted. The team came in and gave a presentation on how it works. All I had to do was coordinate and the rest was taken care of."

All employee engagement and reward programs at Anca were centred around the Cultural events and major office functions. The lack of complete visibility and inconsistency in these rewards programs at Anca led to a reduction in the overall efficiency of these programs. Automating the rewards programs hence became quite a challenge due to the absence of an effective, integrated rewards platform. Therefore, these challenges created the need to identify tech solutions that can help ensure effective streamlining of workplace engagement and rewarding.

To find out how Empuls helped streamline the engagement and recognition programs at Anca and increased overall employee engagement scores by 100%, check out the full story.

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