Recreate Your Physical Workplace Culture For Your Hybrid Workforce

Bring your in-office and remote teams together on a single remote employee engagement platform to share ideas, gather feedback and celebrate wins.

A holistic approach for improving remote and hybrid employee engagement

Give your employees a way to virtually connect with peers, recognize good work, align with company goals, speak up, be heard, and help shape their company culture.

Does Your Remote workforce "Feel" Like a Team?

Through effective engagement initiatives designed for remote employees. Remote work is here to stay but there's no denying that remote employees struggle with:

Lack of communication
Unplugging from work
Low sense of belonging
Poor work relationships

A platform to truly engage your hybrid workforce through connection, motivation, and feedback


Keep the connection alive for remote and hybrid teams


Establish single source of truth for company news and policy changes.


Involve everyone in company wide celebrations for small and big wins.


Encourage participation in company events and celebrations.


Build communities and groups for shared Interests.


Leveraging Empuls to connect remote teams and create a virtual support system during the pandemic

Here's our first engagement calendar for 2022, packed with ideas to create countless moments of recognition, celebration, fun, and engagement. Give your people the much-needed morale boost in the new year.


The Only Guide You'll Need in 2021 to Engage Your Remote and Hybrid Workforce

2020 ended the water-cooler management method. Our aim now is to recreate the physical connections in the virtual world of work. Unleash the true meaning of an engaged workforce with this guide, which explains how to succeed when working with a remote and hybrid workforce.


Boost remote and hybrid employee morale

Instant Motivation

Appreciate peers on the go with spot awards.

Virtual Celebration

Celebrate Birthdays and Milestone days with everyone.

Digital Recognition

Call out good performance on a common forums to boost morale.

Digital Rewards

Disburse reward points and offer choice to employees to choose their reward.


Works with your everyday work tools

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS/HRMS/HCM, and single sign-on tools.

What are the core elements of a holistic employee engagement strategy?
What makes Empuls an all-in-one employee engagement platform?
What's unique about the way Empuls works?
What is eNPS? How do companies improve eNPS with Empuls?
How are Empuls rewards different?
How does Empuls elicit participation and engagement?
How do I get started with Empuls?
Is my data safe on Empuls?

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