Luminous India Drives inclusion and collaboration through digital R&R

Read how Luminous India drove inclusion, culture, and progress through Empuls, the employee engagement and rewards program, leading to a culture of appreciation and happiness.


Luminous Power Technologies (P) Limited provides packaged power, diversified generation, electrical control and safety. They are leading home electrical specialists in India with a vast portfolio of power back-up solutions and home electricals. They currently have 7 manufacturing units and more than 28 sales offices in India. They have channel partners in over 36 countries.

More than 6000 employees serve more than 60,000 channel partners and millions of customers. They aim at achieving customer delight through innovation and passion by the means of focusing on execution and teamwork. 


Rewarding employees for their outstanding contributions has always been an intrinsic part of the Luminous culture. Despite that, the rewarding process at Luminous was not uniformly standardized. The vigour of these initiatives varied depending on the interest levels of leaders of each of the functions and departments. This incoherence amongst departments for the rewarding process was significant and the employees frequently raised concerns regarding this dissonance.

Even the departments with high interest levels in rewarding programs, only conducted events once or twice per quarter, during an all-hands meeting or when a leader is travelling to a branch.

The primary form of rewards were certificates. The most spirited of the business functions got t-shirts and innovative certificates printed of their own accord, that said ‘way to go’ or ‘milestone achieved’. 

The Evaluation Process

Luminous India did an extensive evaluation of innumerous employee engagement service providers. The Total Rewards team attended multiple tech HR conferences and took elaborate product walkthroughs and demos during this course. Globalforce was one of these service providers that contented closely to the choice of Empuls. The following were a few reasons to  eventually finalize on Empuls :

1. An end to end Engagement, Rewards and Redemption platform

It was only Empuls who could offer the end to end functionalities of engagement, rewards and redemption on a single platform. A few of the service providers offered ‘engagement’ features but were not equipped with the rewarding or the redemption process. Some of them offered a rewarding and redemption solution, but did not have an engagement solution.

2. Systems Integration

Luminous India’s most important of all requirements was the ability of the vendor to provide integration with their existing ERP and Management Information System. Empuls, the employee engagement and rewards platform, seamlessly integrated with their existing systems. Luminous believed that this integration process allowed the team members to internalize the platform and thus will make the implementation effective.

3. Web and App based platform

Luminous India wanted a web as well as an app based platform and Empuls was enabled for both of these technologies. An app based platform was important for on-the-move rewarding and  a web based version was important to engage employees who did not own a smartphone. Since Luminous had both blue and white collar employees, both these technologies were essential for the implementation.

4. Wide range of redemption options

Luminous India took extreme care in understanding their workforce segmentation to understand their individual motivations. Generation wise and interest wise workforce analytics, helped them understand their employee aspirations.  

Empuls offered a range of options that included experiences, hobbies, and interests and these catered to different generations. For instance, the adventures and solo trips were popular amongst the millennial, while the older generation mostly chose an option of fine dining or spa. 

5. A platform to nurture non-monetary rewarding

The Luminous team wanted to build a culture of non-monetary and peer-to-peer rewarding. They considered a ‘pat on the back’ more significant than a money check or a certificate. Empuls gave both these features for Luminous, through, peer-to-peer rewarding and badges.

6. Social appreciation

When the employee’s social circle comes to know about his/her achievements, the impact of the rewards are multi-folded. Empuls's experience rewards made the employees use social platforms to discuss about their achievements to their family and friends. This ‘social sharing’  not only manifolded the value of the rewards itself, but also worked towards employee branding.

“We wanted a solution that appealed to the entire generational spectrum and something that was inclusive. We believe in the great value of non-monetary rewarding - a ‘pat on the back’ works in very effective ways to improve employee morale and engagement levels. Empuls gave us all of this.”

Seepika Singhal, Head - Total Rewards, Schneider Electric - Luminous India


Driving Inclusion through employee engagement

Luminous India did not want to compartmentalize the reward receiving experience. That is to say, they wanted to identify their employees to be unique, with their interests and choices. Empuls helped them go beyond blanket rewarding processes and allowed them to be inclusive of their employee’s varied interests and aspirations.

Driving culture through employee engagement

Spot awards and Badges not only reduced the time taken for rewarding by making in on-the-go, and but also allowed Luminous to drive their five core values. Value badges were awarded to the employees when they exhibit behaviors that resonated with the organization’s core values.

Transforming functional silos to a collaborative ecosystems

Before Empuls, every function worked in strapped silos. The requirement to develop a culture of  interdepartmental collaboration was essential for innovation to spur. Many a time, interdepartmental favors went unrecognized and unappreciated and this further encouraged discordance between functions.

Peer to peer recognition of the Empuls helped break this barrier - with ‘thank you, wishes and badges. Peers could recommend a person for awarding - and this provided ample opportunity for a ‘pat on the back’.

Employee recommended system

Luminous India conducted cross functional focused group discussions. Having a formal Engagement  and a Rewards & Recognition program came up as one of the top recommendations that came out of these studies. The Empuls implementation was an achievement to how Luminous India valued the voice of the employees.

Together with Empuls, Luminous India achieved an engagement process that helped them made their employee engagement more responsive and quicker. Empuls helped Luminous India to anchor their five core values - ‘Customer first’, ‘Dare to disrupt’, ‘Embrace different’,  ‘Learn everyday’ and ‘Act like owners’. They broke these values into employee behaviors that set these values in motion. They further used Empuls to consistently and sustainably nurture these behaviors.