Cleartrip Improves Employee Satisfaction Scores by 10%

Read how ClearTrip and Empuls achieved great things together - from a huge "Great Place to Work" score to increased Employee Satisfaction with Empuls.

Cleartrip was founded in July 2006 by Hrush Bhatt, Matthew Spacie and Stuart Crighton with a business intent to simplify the travel experience. They created their award-winning mobile and desktop solutions that combined intuitively designed products and an extensively large collection of travel options. Cleartrip is a leading online travel aggregator in India and is the market leader in the Middle East.


Cleartrip’s employee engagement programs were sparse and constituted of a customized gift or a Cleartrip gift coupon. The engagement and reward programs were conceived and executed on a need basis.

They had started working with Kwench for their rewards and redemption, but the usage and adoption of the Kwench portal was almost nil. The history of poor adoption rates posed as a challenge to the implementation.

The offline nature of the rewards made the rewarding process inconsistent, slow and did not capitalize on the social aspects of rewarding, hence depleting the ROI of the employee engagement programs.

Cleartrip was also in the process of acquiring the Saudi Arabian travel start-up Flyin, which also opened up the challenge of managing people initiatives across geographies and cultures.

The GPTW survey analyses a workplace for its trust and cultural aspects. Cleartrip was using these GPTW surveys since 2014 to evaluate their workplace culture and people initiatives. And each time, the survey brought out rewards and recognition as one of the major weak point in their people initiatives.

The evaluation process

Cleartrip had an ardent necessity to re-engineer their employee engagement and they had evaluated three services providers in the process. Below given were a few reasons for them to finalize Empuls:

A great offering

They found Empuls for Employees provided them with the right solution. Empuls had demonstrated the features, the technology & multi location support that solves the challenges that Cleartrip were facing.


Cleartrip needed to understand Empuls' previous assignments and they scrutinized the evaluation with the reference of people who were associated with Empuls' older clients. The feedbacks regarding the product robustness, customer service and query resolutions were very good.

“We could work with the Empuls team really well. Even today, if we have to just go back and talk to the team - they are just a phone call away or a mail away.”

- Ajay Sreedhara, Deputy General Manager - HR, Cleartrip

Support during the evaluation process

There were four rounds of demonstrations and evaluations to finalize on Empuls. Every round facilitated understanding of the features and how these could be used to Cleartrip’s purpose. The client facing team was descriptive and patient - carefully explaining the product features during each of round of these interactions.

“Prior to Empuls, our rewards and recognition programs were weak, sparse and not digitized. Empuls made our programs decentralized and transparent. Within a year of Empuls implementation we gained10 points on our GPTW scores.”

- Ajay Sreedhara, Deputy General Manager - HR, Cleartrip


Reward program turnaround time: 5 days to instant

The spot rewards introduced the concept of instant rewarding and reduced the time taken to implement a rewarding campaign from about 5 days to a couple of minutes. This facilitated rewarding people on-the-go for their behaviors and achievements, quite contrary to the long winding manual approvals that were previously required.

Employee engagement scores: 10% increase

Fairness, empowerment, performance based rewards, interactions with co-workers, etc., are the factors that are proven to affect employee satisfaction scores. Empuls’ dashboard feature allowed to manage a wide range of rewards program across geographies. These programs were instantly and equally accessible to every employee and this aided in the perception of fairness. The automated rewarding feature directly linked to the performance management system and enabled contiguous rewarding.

This aided in empowering employees with complete control over the rewards they receive. The feeds & announcement feature nurtured interactions with co-workers by ensuing many online as well as offline appreciations and discussions. The effective use of all these features, witnessed an overwhelming 80% increase in Employee satisfaction scores.

Adoption rates: 81%

The Adoption rates were driven by the following:

1. The easy to use and intuitively designed user interface of Empuls allowed employee to quickly learn and start using the system.

2. Empuls' dynamic rewards feature allowed to integrate and execute all their rewards program and enabled them to implement multiple rewarding campaigns parallelly and quickly. At any point in time, an employee always has a dozen reasons to log on to the platform.

Great place to work score: increased by 10 points

Post implementation of Empuls, Cleartrip faired well on all aspects the GPTW survey and gained 10 points in their workplace survey scores. The team managers and department managers were allocated a major portion of the rewarding budget using the budgeting tool and this made rewarding fairer. These team managers used these budgets to nurture team collaboration and performance. The rewards feature allowed integrating the rewards of fun at work competition winners, new parents, tenure completion, etc. The leaderboard feature motivated people to healthily complete to perform better and these were viewed and cheered by the entire organization. These helped nurturing a culture of appreciation and productivity.


The improved work culture of appreciation and fairness as a result of the Empuls implementation, is attributed to reduction in attrition. The more interesting part of this decrease is that this turnover hardly constitute of employees who are net promoters. (Ref: eNPS). Cleartrip measures eNPS quarter on quarter and have found a direct proportionality between the rewarded employees, employees who are net promoters and their productivity. These employees are also on performance green zones and are improving.

Empuls' robust nature facilitated the consistency and vision of Cleartrip’s employee strategies. They achieved extraordinary results through the organizational values of fairness, empowerment and collaboration with the ardent use of Empuls' features.