Business analytics provider kick-started spot employee recognition

Nothing motivates employees like an instant pat on the back and with Empuls, this analytics provider started its spot recognition program that led to 100% redemption of rewards.


As the leader in business analytics software and services and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions, this company helps customers improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. With customers in 147 countries and their software installed at more than 83,000 business, government and university sites, 96 of the top 100 companies on the 2017Fortune Global 500 are its customers and the company has over 13,000 employees, globally.


With four core values that they intend to drive in their organisation, namely - curiosity, passion, authenticity and accountability, these core values are the centre stones for enabling their employees to achieve their business vision of transforming the ‘world of data’ into a ‘world of information’. To encourage alignment to core values, they required their employee recognition process to be immediate and personal.

The recognition process also had to be simpler for increased efficiency. The process required for brand vouchers - the procurement, activation, and distribution was time-consuming and bore inefficient overheads. The issue redressal also needed to be quick and immediate so that the recognition process matches the pace of their accomplishments.


Spot recognition for instant gratification

Empuls came in as the right application for giving spot awards to the employees of this company. Spot awards are a great way to immediately appreciate the efforts of the employees. The different core values can be identified, appreciated and recognised so that they are nurtured. Spot awards also make the recognition process a personal experience and provide the employees with instant gratification. Employees are thus reaffirmed in their efforts. The core-value based recognition provided further reaffirmation on how employees were aligned to the organisational mission.

Increased recognition efficiency

In comparison to any other form of recognition, Empuls came with a great efficiency advantage. The older processes of rewards and recognition came with elaborate procurement and distribution processes wherein Empuls awards could be implemented within 5 to 6 minutes of time. It is easier to set up the award management and allocate appropriate budgets to each of the managers. The Empuls portal thus provides immediate action to award plans.

Key Account Manager

A dedicated Key Account manager was an important requirement to further increase the efficiency of the processes. There are multiple enquiries the employees and the HR come upon and a dedicated executive who is capable of addressing those queries is important to prevent any bottlenecks. The Key Account Manager forms a critical link between the recognition efficiency and the Empuls platform.

“The Empuls rewarding process is very efficient. It removes all overheads of the reward procurement. It takes 5 or 6 minutes to implement a reward.”

- Senior Executive- Facilities & Administration

This data analytics giant uses Empuls to improve rewarding efficiencies, implement spot recognition and achieve instant gratification for the employees. The efficient use of the Empuls platform is aimed at achieving core values and behaviours that result in achieving the company’s vision and mission.