Anca Increases Employee Engagement scores by 100%

ANCA reached a 100% employee engagement score with Empuls speeding up the rewarding process and booking a place in the employees' hearts.

Pat McCluskey and Pat Boland founded ANCA in1974, when they replaced the hardwired numerical controls of an automated milling machine with a computer. ANCA currently has over 1,000 employees worldwide and is a leading manufacturer of CNC machines and controls with customers in over 45 countries. They achieved over 209 million USD revenue for FY 2018-19.

Anca’s Asian subsidiary is headquartered in Bangalore, India and they manage engineering, R&D, sales and services of their CNC machines in Asia.


Anca had an employee engagement process that centered around major cultural events and office functions. The rewards and recognition process fell short of being continuous and completely transparent. There was also a lack of an integrated and robust rewards platform. There was a dire need to systemise the rewarding process and in turn, make the workplace better engaged and streamlined.

The evaluation process

Anca claims to have not evaluated any other alternative, and the following were the reasons why they decided on Empuls.

Product offering

The features that the Empuls for rewards product offered Anca was exactly solving the problems they were in search of. The rewards automation feature addressed the issue of incoherent rewarding and the catalogue provided an extensive range of options for redemption.Even the robust user interface offered them ease of use and required functionality

Smooth sales process

The first rewards and recognition service provider that Anca evaluated was Empuls and it was the last. The seamless process of demonstrations and discussions with the Empuls team was a great prelude to the association. The team members interacted with Anca pro actively and addressed all their concerns.

Dedicated customer support

Empuls promised and provided dedicated customer support to not just the HR team, but also the employees for the redemption process. The vast categories in the Empuls catalogue, would bring with it considerable doubts on the process of redemption. This was particularly why the customer support during redemption was important.

“In fact, we did not evaluate anybody else because Empuls gave us exactly what we wanted. The team came in and gave a presentation on how it works. All I had to do was now coordinate only with you and the rest is taken care of.”

- Rukmini Divakar, HR Manager - Asia, ANCA Machine Tools


90% faster rewarding process

The reward automation feature in Empuls, drastically reduced the amount of time required to implement a rewards process. The HR manager had to preset the rewarding criteria and the recipients were automatically awarded points accordingly. There were options to define even the customisation requirements - depending on the event of the rewards. Instead of the HR manager painstakingly trying to choose an apt reward, the employees could now choose a reward of their from the extensive rewards catalogue.

Employee engagement scores : improved by 100%

The nomination workflow and the reward automation feature of the Empuls brought about consistency and frequency in the rewarding process. Anca monitors the engagement levels of the employees by conducting regular employee engagement surveys. After the Empuls implementation, there has been a stark 100%increase in the engagement scores.

80% of employees are promoters

The greatest takeaway of the Empuls implementation was that it won the hearts of the employees. The extensive redemption catalogue provided them with aspirational options to redeem their rewards. Additionally, the increased frequency of rewarding made them feel that their work efforts were valued better. The employees were surveyed for their affinity towards Empuls and amazingly, 80% of them scored themselves as ‘promoters’.

Empuls helped Anca to drastically increase employee engagement by increasing the frequency, consistency and transparency of rewarding. Empuls’ usability and extensive catalogue showed great acceptance amongst employees and in turn helped further drive engagement scores.